RV Types:
An RV by any Other Name...

There are a few RV types.   In fact, we've been asked, "And what do you call your type of RV anyway?".    It's a good question.   RVs go by many names. We have a type of RV called a motorhome, also known as a diesel pusher.   Or a class A.   We might refer to our coach, our rig, the bus.    It's a motorcoach.    Or a camper. In fact, all of these terms have been used at one time or another.

So it can seem confusing. But to keep it simple.....
One common way to differentiate is to bucket RV types into two categories:

those that are motorized

and those that are towed.

Motorized RV Types

Motorized RVs are self-contained - meaning the thing you drive and the living area are all in the same unit. Since this type of RV unit itself is motorized, a good catch-all name for these is...Motorhome.    

Motorhomes often tow a car behind them. Mostly because the motorhome owner needs something smaller to get around town.

This towed car is sometimes called a "toad" ("towed", "toad"...get it?). Sometimes it's called a dinghy. The toad can be a car, pickup, SUV or Van...it all depends on relative weights of motorhome and toad.

There are different classes of motorhome - Class A, Class B, Class C and diesel puller. Read more about Motorhome Types here

Towable RVs

Towable RVs are pulled behind a vehicle.    Generally the vehicle doing the towing is a pickup truck or large car, SUV or Van.    Trailers come in a variety of weights; the tow vehicle doing the towing needs to be matched according to towing capacities.   Again it's all relative.   

Towable RVs - sometimes lumped under the name of Trailers - range in size from a simple tent camper to a large fifth wheel trailer. There are pop-ups and teardrops and expandable units. Read more about Trailer Types here

The variety continues to grow and there are a variety of floor plans within each category of RV. This all means more choices for your RV lifestyle. So learn about the various possibilities and how to go about the process of buying your RV.

The more you know, the better choices you will make in finding the right RV to suit YOUR needs.

Learn more about the different RV Types here.

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