Atwood Water Heater

Atwood Hot Water Heater

by T Jones (Cleveland, GA)

Question: When using shore power, is it necessary to flip some switch to change from LP to AC? Fairly new to motor home and can’t find an answer. I have a 2007 National Seabreeze. Any help appreciated.

Answer: Based on the title of your submission, we assume you are referring to changing your water heater so it will run on AC instead of propane. First, you need to confirm that your water heater actually can use both power sources. Not all water heaters run on both. Having said that, we suggest you check your operating manuals for the water heater and/or RV. Or simply call Atwood – they should be able to help.

Your refrigerator should run on both propane and electric. There is typically a switch to make it propane, AC or to automatically switch to AC whenever you are hooked up to electricity. We have our fridge set to be automatic, so we don’t have to remember to change things over.

Your furnace may also have options to run on electric or propane. Again, checking your operating documentation and or calling the manufacturer is the way to get accurate information specific to your appliances.

Hope this helps.

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Atwood Water Heater

by Joe (Louisville, KY)

Question: I have a 92 Thor Pinnacle and need a walk-through on how to operate my Atwood gas/electric hot water heater. I am not sure how to use it on propane alone, nor do i know how to use it on both propane and electric together. Could I please get an explanation?

Also, how long does it generally take an RV hot water heater to heat 6 gallons of water on electric alone.

Answer: The operating manual should be of help in learning how to use your Atwood water heater. Please see the LP Gas Water Heater Manual available on the Atwood site.

Also, do a search on “atwood hot water heater video” and you will find a bunch of videos on maintenance, flushing, etc.

How long does it take to heat the water? It will depend on the specific model, how efficient the water heater is running, outside water temperature, etc. In general, we find that our electric water heater heats over 7 gallons in less than 45 minutes. We are diligent about keeping the heating element cleaned and well maintained, as well as regularly replacing the anode.

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