Changing Black Water Valve to EZ Valve

Changing Black Water Valve to EZ Valve

by Alice

(Oneonta, NY)

Question: My husband is getting older and so it is difficult to get down to pull valves, especially for the black water tank. We bought a EZ Valve electric valve. Where is the best place to get the AC Power to it? This is on a 2005 Keystone 5th Wheel Camper. Our son will install it. Thanks!

Answer: The best advice we can give you is to follow the manufacturers instructions as to where to source the power. By the way, most if not all electric waste valves need 12 volt DC power instead of AC power.

Another thought is that you may want to run the power from your converter if you have a spare fuse available. That way you can extend the power from the converter instead of the battery, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.

Other input welcome.

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