Clear Air Systems Inc.

Clear Air Systems Inc.

by Page Winslow

(Cocoa Florida )

New RV Ventilation System
The Clear Air 12v RV System is a ventilation system that removes odors directly from the toilet during use! Venting odors outside using a small ventilation tip under the seat and a inline fan with a special adapter, flex tubing and everything needed for a professional installation.

The 120v Systems runs continuously 24/7 with a 4″ ultra-quiet inline fan, low watt use (less than a light bulb) and long life (5-year warranty) — venting toilets, bathroom holding tank area and RV completely and continuously. No more holding tank odors, moisture or mildew. System easy to install in about 1-2 hours and easy to clean!

There no more odors with the Clear Air system.

For RV/Boat/Home/Hotel/All bathrooms.

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Apr 11, 2011

Great idea!

by: Anonymous

I installed it on my 40′ RV – works great and my wife loves it!!

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