DVD player won’t work on Generator

DVD player won’t work on Generator

by Mark (Napa, CA)

Question: I have a 1995 33′ Fleetwood Flair with a 5500 watt Onan Generator. When I’m plugged into power everything works fine. When I’m dry camping and crank up my generator, I have a real hard time getting my DVD player to work.

The last trip out, I tried changing the outlet for the DVD, by running an extension cord to a kitchen outlet. That worked, so I put it back to its original outlet and it worked – until the next day, when I cranked up the generator again. The DVD player was the only thing I couldn’t get to work, even when I changed the outlet.

Would cranking up both AC units help drain off some power? I run, at least, both AC fans when I run the generator.

Answer: We are not experts on electrical problems however, if you suspect that your generator is producing voltages that are higher or lower than normal you should verify that ASAP.

While not connected to shore power, run your generator and take some voltage readings. Start with any outlet powered by the generator and take a reading, then do the same for the outlet that powers the DVD. Compare the voltages – they should be almost identical. If they are not, then you have a circuit or outlet problem.

If the voltage is above 132 Volts or below 102 volts, you might want to stop using the generator until you take the RV to a repair facility.

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