Extra Refrigerator in RV Basement

Extra Refrigerator in RV Basement

Question: What is better to put in the RV basement – a fridge that plugs into a lighter outlet or one that plugs into the regular outlet? Someone told me a regular fridge is hard on your inverter while you are driving.

Answer: You should figure out which option is best for you based on how you will be using the refrigerator. The inverter shouldn’ be overly strained by a small refrigerator.

If you think about it, you control which appliances will be drawing power from the inverter. If the only thing that will be on is the refrigerator then it should not be a problem for the inverter.

As for using a 12-volt refrigerator, that is another option that could work for you. The obvious advantage is that the inverter does not need to be on to power the 12-volt refrigerator.

If anyone has any personal experience in using an electric vs. 12-volt fridge, please chime in with comments.

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