Generator Won’t Start

Generator Won’t Start

by Ray (Idaho)

Question: My 2000 Newmar DutchStar on- board diesel generator won’t start. It will turnover but won’t start. Any ideas; where do I begin?

Answer: We are not diesel mechanics but will hazard a guess or two:

  • No fuel to engine (bad fuel filter, air in the fuel lines, fuel pump)
  • Glow plug is defective
  • Low oil pressure preventing engine from starting (some gensets have protective circuity to prevent start where no/low oil pressure)
  • Battery power is too low to initiate the start-up, but has enough power to crank

Have you checked out your genset owners manual, our manual has an extensive trouble shooting section. You might also try the manufacturer of the generator for some help. They may be able to do some technical support over the phone.

Other input welcome.

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