Onan 6.5kw RV Generator Won’t Start

Onan 6.5kw RV Generator Won’t Start

by JC (Central CA)

Question: Thanks in advance for any and all help shared. I just got this Onan 6.5 RV Generator unit for free, for helping to remove it from an old RV. The old owner said it just stopped working one day and he left it alone since then.

I have cleaned it up and reconnected a well charged battery. When I push the start switch, I get one loud click from the Solenoid and then nothing except the sound from the electronic fuel pump. The motor moves freely. I was told it could be the Solenoid or even possibly that the generator side of the unit may be frozen. Any recommendations?

Answer: It could be the starter motor itself or a combination of starter and solenoid. I believe that the loud click you hear is the solenoid engaging the flywheel. If the starter motor were working the engine would turn over.

As for the generator part being frozen – I think that is a remote possibility. If it were my project, I would try to buy a stater and solenoid combination from a junk yard to see if I could get the engine started.

Other input welcome.

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