Outlets Not Working

Outlets Not Working

by Dennis (Marysville, WA)

Question: We have no power to outlets in our fifth wheel when using electric, but we do have it when we use the generator. Can anyone help?

Answer: Here are a few thoughts. Your problem my be in one of the following: the converter, your power cord, the wires that connect your power cord to the converter, or the power transfer switch.

CAUTION: Never work on a converter or a power transfer switch while it is connected to live power unless you are skilled in electrical trouble shooting. Don’t risk injury or your life.

However, if you feel comfortable working on the converter you can check to make sure that all of the converter connections good and tight.

Also make sure you have a good battery connected to the converter. We have heard that a bad battery can cause similar problems.

Also try resetting all circuit breakers in the converter and make sure that they are good. If you have a GFI outlet reset that too.

You may also want to check the power transfer switch – but please heed the caution above.

If you feel comfortable working on the power transfer switch, you can check the contacts to make sure that they are operating properly and that the contacts are not pitted or welded shut.

If you still do not have power at your outlets then you will need to take your 5th wheel to a professional to resolve your power issue.

Please let us know the outcome. Other input welcome.

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