Power Problem

Power Problem

Question: I just replaced the battery on my 31 foot travel trailer. Now when I go and plug in to my house, I do not get any reading on my monitor for tank levels or battery level. The air conditioner also does not work, but my water pump works and all the lights inside will work. Why would the air conditioner, fridge and the tanks/battery monitor not be working when the trailer is plugged in and with a new battery?

Answer: We can suggest a few things to consider, although it is difficult to thoroughly diagnose the problem remotely.

Here are a few thoughts. If you replaced the battery without turning off all the breakers, there is a good chance that while installing the battery you might have caused an overload which tripped a breaker or fuse. If you have not done so, reset the breakers and check your fuses.

In addition I would also check/reset the co2/propane alarm., in case that is causing the fridge not to work.

You can also recheck the battery connections and make sure you reconnected all those that that were there before to the proper terminals. As a last resort, take your RV to a repair shop.

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Sep 04, 2012

No Power

by: Gus Gravel

I would check if you hooked your battery backwards, White wire is negative and Black wire is positive. I know I’ve done it and it sounds like the same problem I was having.

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