REDHED Garden Tools

REDHED Garden Tools

REDHED® Revolutionizes Yard and Garden Tools,

Offers First True Innovation in Decades
Modular construction, forward-thinking design aesthetics, and heirloom quality materials combine to make the finest landscaping tools available

Cedar Hills, UTAH (For Immediate Release) – Developed by company founder and 20-year landscape professional Rick Meinzer, REDHED TOOLS was born of a desire to create innovative yard and garden equipment that will outperform and outlast ordinary tools. Modular for easy customization and portability, beautifully innovative for superior performance, and made with materials that will last generations, REDHED is redefining what it means to be a premium hand tool.

The Garden Tool Master Kit, REDHED’s premier set of tools, is designed and constructed to set a new standard for how yard and garden tools should perform. With a modular design, this nine-piece system combines to create 32 different tool configurations ready to tackle any landscaping project. A patent-pending ‘quick connect’ system allows the user to move quickly between a spade shovel, flat head shovel, metal rake, and push broom. A selection of straight and D-grip handles in varying lengths combines to create the perfect tool for any job.

“Despite all their flaws, traditional yard and garden tools have gone mostly unchanged for generations and REDHED is here to fix that with one of the most unique and durable tool systems ever created,” said Rick Meinzer, Founder and Owner of REDHED. “Our Garden Tool Master Kit is unlike anything available, giving gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners all the tools needed to tackle any yard or gardening project.”

Made with the highest quality materials like premium 1 ⅝” oiled hickory handles and powder coated (the most durable finish available) tool heads made from 1.8mm railroad steel (the thickest that can be stamped), the REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit is built sturdy to last generations. The patent-pending ‘quick connect’ system is unlike anything on the market and is made with machined 6061 aluminum billet, stainless steel connector pins, and a high fatigue life wave spring to create a very simple to use, highly durable modular tool kit.

Light and highly portable, the Garden Tool Master Kit fits into its own storage case / organizer to travel wherever the job might be. When the work is done, simply return the components to the case and store easily in a closet, garage, or even under the bed. With a spot for each component, the storage case also ensures nothing will be left behind.

By reimagining landscaping tool functionality, REDHED has created a yard and garden tool system that outperforms and outlasts standard hand tools, making it the premium choice for any professional or DIY project.

Developed by an award winning, nationally recognized landscaper, Rick Meinzer, REDHED has redesigned and revolutionized traditional garden tools. With its hallmark and patent-pending Quick Connect system, coupled with unparalleled construction and superior craftsmanship, REDHED offers the most innovative, durable, portable, and user-friendly tools on the market. To learn more about the REDHED philosophy and view the entire product line, please visit

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