Refrigerator is freezing

Refrigerator is freezing

Question: I have a 1996 Fleetwood Jamboree and puzzled at why everything I put in the refrigerator is freezing. Is there a temp adjustment?

Answer: We suspect that there is a temperature adjustment. It depends on the brand/model/type refrigerator you have. You might want to call the manufacturer of the fridge to ask them about settings.

We have a Dometic refrigerator and we can adjust temperature in a few ways. There is a push button setting in a panel above the fridge that lets us select cooling temperature in a range from cold to coldest (about 5 different positions on this panel).

There is also a sensor that attaches to the fins along the back of the inside of the fridge. This can be moved up and down. We have found the position that seems to work best for us to minimize icing on the fins. Not sure if this directly affects temperature regulation, but it seems to help regulate icing.

We also have a couple toggle switches inside the fridge: one labeled “climate control” and one labeled “low ambient”. These can be turned on when in extremely hot or extremely cold weather, respectively.

So look around your fridge for something similar, and/or contact the refrigerator manufacturer. And perhaps someone with a similar model year RV will have additional comments.

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