Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

by Liz (Kansas)

Question: Can I replace the cooling system on my 1993 Sandpiper or do I have to purchase a whole new refrigerator as my RV dealer suggested?

Answer: We are not refrigerator experts, so all we can suggest is that you try to source a replacement cooling unit to see if one is available or what it costs. You can contact the manufacturer of your refrigerator, and can also search online for a compatible replacement part.

Once you know the cost and what it would take to get it installed, then it is a judgement call on your part. If the fridge is 20 years old, there might be other components that are on their way out, so keep that in mind.

We don’t know if this RV is one you bought used, but if you don’t already know, we also suggest you check for refrigerator recalls to determine if your specific model refrigerator has had a recall, and if so, has it been fixed.

Any other input welcome.

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