Refrigerator Seals

Refrigerator Seals

Question: How do I remove my refrigerator door seals on my 2006 Keystone Springdale trailer?

Answer: You should contact the manufacturer of the refrigerator to get their instruction on how to remove and replace refrigerator door seals. They may also offer suggestions to resolve whatever problem you are having with the fridge.

For instance, we were able to refresh our refrigerator seals by inserting cotton balls all around the seals and using a hair dryer to soften the seals. This was a procedure we obtained directly from the fridge manufacturer and we do not recommend it for other refrigerators – we suggest that you talk to the manufacturer about your specific model. In any case, this was really only a temporary fix and our seals will soon need to be replaced – it just bought us a little more time.

When you contact the manufacturer, be sure to have the specific model number of your refrigerator to obtain the relevant information. It should be on the refrigerator somewhere (door, door frame, etc.), and/or with any documentation you may have about the refrigerator.

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