Question: My Class C refrigerator will work on shore power at the house, but when I hook up to power in the campground my refrigerator will not work on A/C. Only gas. I have a new circuit board and new fuses, and they have been checked. Any help on this matter would help.

Answer: This has us puzzled as we can’t think of any reason. So we are posting it for input from others.

Here are a couple wild guesses, but we don’t think they are likely. Is it possible that the amperage at your campsite is so low that the fridge won’t run on shore power? Or that maybe the auto-select switch has been turned off and instead the fridge is set to run only on propane.

We hope others can offer more likely explanations.

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Apr 08, 2015


by: Maggie

My refrigerator just acts like no power is getting to it…I have checked the breakers. Everything else seems to have power.

Mar 20, 2015

help fridge issues 91 Fleetwood bounder

by: Anonymous

We just purchased a 91 Fleetwood bounder, unfortunately after purchase we were told that the fridge had been replaced, which we knew. What we didn’t know is that they could only get it to work off shore power. However neither the couple we bought it from or ourselves have ever owned a motor home until now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bri

May 19, 2014


by: Colleen

We are having sort of the same issue. Our fridge will work on gas but not on electric and all the fuses are new. Any suggestions on what it is?

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