RV Winter in November

by Mike Forth

(Miles City, Montana)

November 15. First real taste of Montana winter. It is freezing.

We have a 2004 Big Sky (Montana). Very nice trailer inside but we found out quickly that an arctic package is for areas like Kansas and Florida.

When the pipes froze, I made up my mind to find out why. Well, when I pulled down the lower protective plastic I found out that there was no insulation whatsoever.

I proceeded to insulate it. Made 100% difference. Galley doesn’t freeze up anymore. Note that I put as much insulation I could in other cavities. (will take care of the rest when it warms up).

Our biggest problem has been the gray water. It froze up almost the same time things got cold outside. We have a small problem with the water freezing up between the pump and the hot water tank. Another thing that will be taken care of next summer.

From reading about peoples’ winter problems, our main drain to the city drain is well taken care of. Highly insulated, made out of PVC pipe cut to be able to haul with us.

We still have to learn but we are surviving. I Truly believe that you have to have a skirt around you unit. Keep that breeze out.

Oh, one of the other thing… the neighbor’s cats just love the warm toilet we have provided them. Today I think I have taken care of it. Make sure you skirting is anchored.

I hope I can post more of our first winter in Montana. I hear that is is going to get cold next week. We are going to hunker down for the cold spell but will let you know how it turned out.

Comments for RV Winter in November

Jan 06, 2011Straw bales for skirting
by: Tony from Alberta

If you live out in the country consider using straw bales for skirting. Don’t use hay bales as those are more expensive and mice will probably like those a lot better.

Grandfather did the same on his house built in 1907 or so.

I suspect RV parks and urban areas would frown on this practice though.

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