RV Days, Issue #008– Fulltiming, Sunshine and Saguaros

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RV Days, Issue #008– Fulltiming, Sunshine and Saguaros
March 31, 2006
Here is this month’s issue of RV Days, where we focus on everyday living and having fun on your journey.

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March 31, 2006
Issue #8

In this Issue:

  • Fulltime RVing
  • Saguaro and such in southern Arizona
  • Summer Suggestions

Fulltime RVing:

When we read our first book about fulltime RVing, we were advised that there was a difference between an RV vacation and living the RV lifestyle. We were reminded that every day would not be a picnic filled with non-stop fun. There would be budgets to adhere to, chores to be done, repairs to be made and so on.

Even knowing this, when we first hit the road, the journey felt mostly like a vacation. Going from place to place and seeing the sights was our main activity.

Over time, we have settled into a routine that is our RV lifestyle. We must say that sightseeing in new places is still
an important part of our everyday living. It probably always will be – it’s why we made this lifestyle choice.

But we sort of enjoy the times when we don’t do any sightseeing at all and just do “normal” things. Things like making
breakfast, taking a walk, running errands, having lunch, fixing stuff, making new friends and renewing old acquaintances.
Activities like bicycling, reading, washing the rig (okay, we don’t really like that one, but it has to be done).

We might spend time catching up with friends and family via phone or email, making sure bills are paid and prescriptions refilled. We may take part in some activity going on at the campground. Or perhaps we catch a few hours by the pool or do some planning for the next leg of our journey. Time needs to
be devoted to updates for our website. Soon it’s time to cook dinner (seems we are always eating!), watch the sunset, stroll
around the park or watch a bit of television.

We often marvel at where the time goes. Even if we don’t do some major activity in a given day – the time just keeps
buzzing by. In fact, more than a few times we have wondered to ourselves, “How did we ever find time to work?”

At some point during our stay in an area, we will go see some of the sights. As you may have noticed, we tend toward those
activities that are free or inexpensive, limiting those where we will have to pay admission fees. We may play an occasional
game of golf – surprisingly, it seems we are always so busy that we just don’t get out to play (even before the expense
enters our mind as a possible deterrent).

The more we are on the road, the more flexible we have become. We make plans, but may just as easily change them. Peak
seasons in prime locations may demand that we make reservations ahead of time. Our usual mode of operation is to have a general idea of where we might be for the upcoming three months, and then firm up reservations as time grows closer.

We expect that in several years we may pursue some work camping or volunteer opportunities. But for now, we are content to enjoy the free time and the freedom to travel.

See our site for more thoughts on the fulltime RV lifestyle.

Saguaro and more in southern Arizona:

We ended up spending a couple months in southern Arizona, enjoying abundant sunshine and a fascinating backdrop of mountain ranges.
After Quartzsite, we spent a few weeks in Yuma in the western corner of southern Arizona. Most of our time in Yuma
was spent in the RV parks and doing some general upkeep.

Elsewhere in our wanderings in the state, we did get out to see some sights in southeast Arizona, as well as a couple
attractions west of Tucson. We only hit a sampling of the many things to see and places to go.

We think the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a worthwhile stop, providing a hands-on education on the vegetation and wildlife
in Arizona. The museum/zoo is largely an outdoor experience and merits taking your time to take in all it has to offer.

After this visit, we hiked in Organ Pipe National Monument and got a kick out of using our new found knowledge to identify the various cacti and other plants we encountered. We boondocked on BLM land near Organ Pipe, but checked out the campground in the park for future reference, since they now allow 40 foot rigs.

We also did some hiking and learning in Cochise Stonghold, the San Pedro Riparian Natural Conservation Area, a copper mine and the legendary “town too tough to die”.
Read more about our travels in southern Arizona.

Summer Suggestions:

It’s that time of year to
make serious summer travel plans. Depending on personal preferences, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Beaches, mountains, forests, local festivals, state fairs and national parks all beckon. Whether you are planning to travel in your RV or otherwise, we have a few favorites we can suggest based on our personal journey. You can read more about our experience with these places on our website:

  • South Dakota Badlands and Black Hills We loved the eerie landscape of the Badlands and the beautiful
    forested hills in Custer State Park. Plus the famous sites of Deadwood and Mt. Rushmore.
  • Glacier National Park Great hiking and majestic scenery. There is lots to explore here, even more if you cross over the border to the adjacent Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.
  • Oregon Coast Fantastic blue ocean and blue
    skies and miles of beaches for walking and daydreaming.
  • Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island We took our first RV trip in the Maritimes, and still remember the great music, people and scenery we found in our travels. Be sure to go to a ceilidh!

As you get ready for the summer RVing season, consider some of these popular resources: The Next Exit, Trailer Life and
Woodall’s Directories, RV Buyer’s Guide, the 2006 RV Home Base and more updated RV publications.

And the RV Canada e-book has been updated for 2006. Download it here.

Another tool for your RVing toolbox: Download your copy of the Original Checklists for RVers. A set of handy checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything and
enjoy safe travels.

RVer’s Notebook: Manage costs, keep track of where you have been and what you
enjoy. More info here.

We are off to Mexico to explore a bit of the state of Sonora, along the coast of the Sea of Cortez. We will report back on this adventure next time!

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Until next time, hoping you Put a Smile in Every Mile!

Jose and Jill

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