RV Days, Issue #012– Not So Flat


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RV Days, Issue #012– Not So Flat
September 03, 2006
Here is this month’s issue of RV Days, where we focus on everyday living and having fun on your journey.

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Issue #12
September 2, 2006

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Not So Flat:

Well, the highlight of this past month has been Hike. His real name is Hiker Happy – we call him Hike for short. Standing two-foot tall, donning his backpack, hiking hat and camera, he has been a joy to have around. If you haven’t heard about Hike and the other three Happy Camper ambassadors, then perhaps some background is in order.

You may not know this, but there is really a Happy Camper Club logo man, named “Camp Happy”. He has become so busy that the folks at Happy Camper had to hire some body-doubles to attend events and appear on his behalf when his calendar is full.

Hiker Happy is one of the new recruits.

But apparently, Hike and the other Happies had been causing some mischief at headquarters in Louisiana.
So, Happy Camper President, Anne Pierson, got this great idea to send the Happies on the road (and out of her hair).

Hike arrived at our place back in early August to spend a few months. His journey via UPS to the Happy Camper OK RV Park in Moab, Utah proved to be uneventful. He caught a few winks enroute and arrived intact, his backpack filled with some essentials: playing cards, Swiss army knife and even his passport. As a hiker, he believes in being prepared, as you can see from his earlier blog…back when he was getting ready for the journey.

Traveling with Hike has captured some attention on the trails. When we introduce our two-foot-tall friend, we often get the return response of “oh, sort of like Flat Stanley”. Well in a sense, Hike has been making the rounds in the same way as the flatter traveler. He has been hiking in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and most recently in southwest Colorado. And of course, he works hard to make sure everyone knows about saving money with the Happy Camper club.

And since he has been here, he has been busy keeping everyone up to date on all our hikes and other adventures – with pictures and blogs over at RV Scrapbook and on our site.

Your Own RV Scrapbook:

Speaking of RV Scrapbook, you might wonder what that’s all about. Well, it’s where we first heard about Hike, and it has turned out to be a lot of fun. Our pals over at Happy Campers put together this new website where you can create your own web page with pictures, music, blogs and messaging. We have our page, Hike has his page, and we have all sort sorts of friends posting interesting snippets and pictures. Cliff Boyd is the creator of original and comical RV songs – listen to the clips at RV Scrapbook.

Be sure to check out the hysterical Hippie Happy profile, and get ready for more madness as he heads out on his own journey. Tool Happy was in seventh heaven traveling with his hero Mark Polk of RV Education 101.

And you can keep up with the goings-on of the original ambassador, Camp Happy.

Hike meets a Ranger in the Fiery Furnace:

We did quite a bit of hiking and walking shorter footpaths to see all the arches in Arches National Park. Well okay, not all – there are over 2000 arches in the park. But we did get to all the named arches that are accessible to visitors from the scenic drive and hiking trails.

One of the hikes was a fee-based ranger-led hike into a formation called the Fiery Furnace. The Park Service requires that you go with a ranger, or at least purchase a permit, because it is a maze where one could easily get lost. We always enjoy ranger-led hikes anyway, because they are so interesting. Hike thought so too, and returned back to the Visitor Center later that day for a picture with our hike leader, Ranger Robert.

The three of us have been writing about this and other hikes to the many arches: Delicate, Tower, Pine Tree, Landscape, Navajo, Peek–boo, Tunnel, Turret, Double-O, and more – plus the Windows and Balanced Rock.

Oh!, by the way, Hike took a lead role in planning the hikes…you gotta see this picture!

It’s Alive!:

No, we’re not talking about the Mother of All Beasts (MOAB), although that’s something else you can see along the way. We are talking about the Cryptobiotic soil found in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, which is vital to the ecosystem. The National Park Service has launched the “It’s Alive” campaign, encouraging responsible hiking to protect this living crust.

Canyonlands has some great examples of Cryptobiotic soil, as well as some awesome views of expansive canyons. Hike was intrigued to learn about this soil.
Read more about this, our Canyonlands hikes and the MOAB.

Crossing the Line:

After leaving Utah, we crossed over to Colorado. This crossing of the state line stands out in our minds as a change to a different sort of experience. The first difference was because our first stop in Colorado was in Grand Junction. We were back in a bustling commercial area, where our time was spent on a trip (or three) to the Super Wal-Mart and other assorted retail establishments found only in the bigger cities.

In the prior three weeks, Moab had been the biggest town, one that actually had a regular grocery store. Prior to that we had been using mom and pop type stores in Capital Reef, Panguitch Utah and while boondocking along Route 12.

The next noticeable difference was the first hike we took near Montrose, Colorado. We made a drive to Owl Creek Pass and did a hike that we will always remember as ‘the mushroom hike”. We were amazed by the many types of mushrooms we encountered, as well as the change in climate and terrain. This theme would continue as we poked around ski towns and mountain drives. We put our three heads together to report on these high adventures in southwest Colorado.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…It’s Back to Work We Go:


This is an annual special that we didn’t want you to miss. Labor Day marks the end of summer and often a ramp-up back at the office. Perhaps this ramp-up leaves you feeling stressed out before it even starts.

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Until next time, hoping you Put a Smile in Every Mile!


Jose and Jill


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