RV Days , Issue #004– Bully for Roosevelt and Glacier

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RV Days , Issue #004– Bully for Roosevelt and Glacier
September 09, 2005
Here is this month’s issue of RV Days, where we focus on everyday living and having fun on your journey.

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September 9, 2005
Issue #4

In this Issue:

  • RV Hurricane Relief
  • Bully for Roosevelt
  • Magical Medora
  • 10 Things to Do at an RV Rally
  • Crown of the Continent

RVer Hurricane Relief

Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Katrina. In addition to seeing the devastation in the media, we are RV Circle of Trust (COT) members interested in the impacts to RVers and the RV industry in the Louisiana and Mississippi area. Our COT partner, Anne Pierson of Happy Campers, is leading efforts to assist RVing families, fellow campground owners and other RV-related businesses that are grappling with the effects of Katrina. Read about what is being done and the help needed at
Hurricane Relief Store.

Bully for Roosevelt

When we left South Dakota back at the beginning of August, we headed to Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Once again we enjoyed our experience camping in a National Park and participating in the ranger-led programs.

The park is named for Theodore Roosevelt, who first came to the North Dakota badlands in 1883. He was initially interested in the prospect of big game hunting. But by the time he arrived, the large herds of bison were gone, decimated by hide hunters and disease.

Roosevelt became interested in the cattle business, was a partner in the Maltese Cross Ranch and later established a second open-range ranch, the Elkhorn. As Roosevelt spent time in the Dakota Territory, he became concerned over the destruction of the land and wildlife, giving rise to his later environmental efforts. When he became president in 1901, he established the U.S. Forest Service and later signed the 1906 U.S. Antiquities Act proclaiming 18 national monuments. He also established five national parks and 51 wildlife refuges and set aside land for national forests.

Roosevelt was indeed “bully” on North Dakota. In fact, local businesses and brochures remember his remark, “I never would have been President if it had not been for my experience in North Dakota.” And we are bully on his contribution to the conservation of the beautiful lands of this country. Read about our stay in Roosevelt’s namesake park here.

Magical Medora

The town struck us as cute, and a pleasure to stroll through. It caters to the tourist, and does so with charm. The outdoor amphitheater creates a magical setting for the popular Medora Musical. The town of Medora is the portal to Roosevelt National Park, and a trip to one is not complete without taking in the other. Based on our visit, we have noted a few highlights for touring Medora, North Dakota.

Ten Things to Do at an RV Rally

In mid August 2005, we attended the FMCA’s 74th International Convention, Dakota Expedition, in Minot ND. With this experience fresh in our mind, we thought we would jot down a few key activities and events that are often part of an RV rally. Big or small, we think most RVers will want to take in an RV rally at some point in their RVing life.

There are large national rallies such as those hosted by Good Sam
or the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).

There are also “brand club” rallies for owners of a specific brand of RV.

In addition to major annual rallies, RV clubs and manufacturers may host regional events. And there are numerous local chapters of various types that may hold RV rallies throughout the year.

As a general rule, the larger the RV rally, the more activities and scheduled events. Chapter rallies typically center on the gathering of a smaller group, yet often include side trips, activities, door prizes and so on. The cost to attendees will vary too, depending on the size and location of the rally and what is included. Sometimes meals are part of the price, sometimes not.

The bottom line is that there are no cut and dry rules about what to expect. But here are some things that might be part of an RV rally. Use it as a checklist of things to look for when deciding which rallies to attend, and what to do when you get there. Read our 10 Things to Do at an RV Rally.

Crown of the Continent

Back in the 1880’s the area that is now known as Glacier National Park was described as the “Crown of the Continent”. This phrase was coined by George Bird Grinnell, who was an influential editor of Forest and Stream magazine.

Grinnell helped to increase government aid for the Blackfeet Indians who by this time had been devastated by smallpox epidemics, frequent persecution by the U.S. government, the demise of the great bison herds and resulting starvation of their people.

Grinnell later initiated the movement to declare the area a national park, and is celebrated today as the “Father of Glacier National Park”, with a glacier named after him in the park itself.

The history of this area dates back long before Grinnell, and the Blackfeet people dominated long before any European set foot in the area. But the description is certainly apt.

Wow! We were very impressed with Glacier National Park and will return again. We only spent a few days and soon realized that we could have easily spent a few weeks. The scenery is fantastic in this landscape of mountain peaks, clear blue lakes, rushing streams, meadows and waterfalls.

Here are some ideas for driving the Going to the Sun Road, a great hike, and other tips for Glacier National Park.

Some ideas for finding camping spots. Check out Camping with the Corps of Engineers. Other handy references include the Rest Area Guide, National Park Service Camping Guide and the Guides to Free Campgrounds – Eastern and Western editions.

Knife River Indian Villages showed us what it was like to live under the earth. See this and other updates added to our Places to RV.

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Until next month, hoping you Put a Smile in Every Mile!

Jose and Jill

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