RV Days, Issue #20– First workamper job works out great

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RV Days, Issue #20– First workamper job works out great
July 27, 2008

Here is this month’s issue of RV Days, where we focus on everyday living and having fun on the journey.

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Issue #20
July 26, 2008

Issue 20 of RV Days is Now Available
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Since our last update, we’ve been so busy we’ve lost track of time. Busy working and busy playing…

So what have we been up to?
Workamping! We selected Cody Wyoming for our first workamping RV job. We found a great opportunity to make a few bucks with an included RV site in a fun-filled town near Yellowstone! This was the sort of RV job we wanted. Workamping is a great way to support your RV lifestyle and have some fun too!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of workamping, you might be interested in our experience to date…

If you are not traveling… because of fuel prices or other reasons, remember that you can still explore the RV lifestyle in print. When we started out, we read all sorts of books about RVing. It’s great to get different perspectives. So if you want some food for thought…here are some ideas.

They say it’s a buyers market… Lots of choices, special pricing and dealers anxious to make sales. Maybe it’s time to at least think about buying an RV.

If you’re like us, you are probably busy too. The summer season sure does seem to fly by. But we wanted to at least drop a quick line. Whatever you are up to this summer…Enjoy!

And if you are on the road, Put a Smile in Every Mile!

Jose and Jill

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