RV Days, Issue #27– Tis the Season

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RV Days, Issue #27– Tis the Season
December 07, 2012

Here is our latest issue of RV Days, an update from Your RV Lifestyle.

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Issue #27
Dec 7, 2012

Issue 27 of RV Days is Now Available
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Helping Santa

Well it’s that time of year again. This is our fourth year working at Amazon for their holiday season. We are in the “picking” department, which means we we are sort of like Santa’s helpers helping to fill orders. We run around the warehouse with our scanners, and “pick” the needed products from the shelves. We walk (briskly) over 10 miles a day in this job, with a fair amount of bending and lifting.
It works for us. We make a few bucks and get some exercise. We will be here in Campbellsville, Kentucky until right before Christmas and then we head to Florida for the holidays and winter.

So sun and relaxation are in our future. It will be appreciated after all this running around.

Of course, everyone does a bit of running around this time of year. Thinking up gift ideas, looking for deals. So we’ll share news about a great gift idea for friends, family… and maybe even yourself. A real gift that keeps giving:

The limited time Buy-One-Get-One holiday offer has just been announced for Site Build It! You know we like SBI! and Now is the Perfect Time to save Big.

Write about something you love, post photos, promote your passion or business online. Make money at something you enjoy. Take a minute to at least check it out – it’s a great deal right now.

RVing FAQ:

One of the best parts about having our website is hearing from other RVers. Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Winterize RV Question: Can you help me on how to winterize our RV? I would like to know the steps involved, how to handle the washing machine, water heater, etc.

What to Buy? Question: I am a first time RVer and am not sure what to look for when purchasing one for the first time. Also, is there an advantage to buying new, or am I ok looking at used RVs?

Boondocking Question: I just ran across the term ‘boondocking’…what does it mean?

Fulltimer Expenses Question: What is the average yearly revenue needed to be a fulltimer? We are curious about costs for things like fuel, RV Maintenance, RV Sites and other costs.

RV Vacuum Cleaner? Question: Can you suggest a compact yet powerful vacuum for my RV?

By the way, if you have a question yourself please provide adequate information and explanation. We like sharing our experience whenever we can, but it helps to have as much detail as possible in your request. And your email address too, so you are notified of our response.

And by all means, feel free to share your own tips and expertise to any of our posts.

Learning Resources

We hear from a lot of new RVers who want to learn about the different aspects of their RV and the lifestyle. We remember how it was starting out and know that continued learning is part of the RV journey.

Knowledge leads to more confidence, less hassles and more fun! We recommend the following resources:

RVer Gifts

If you have RVers on your gift list, there are a few things to consider. For fulltime RVers, limited space may be a factor – so consider size when purchasing for fulltimers.

And gift-giving RVers (especially if traveling or living in their RV when doing Christmas shopping) may want to look for gifts that are easy to store until delivered or mailed.

Purchases of products related to RV operational systems or maintenance are probably best made with some level of RV knowledge. There are plenty of general RVing-related items that are non-technical.

Consider gift certificates that can be redeemed online or at nationwide locations.

For the most part, buying for an RVer is no different than buying for anyone else. Just think about the recipient’s interests and lifestyle when coming up with RVer gift ideas.

And we have more suggestions in our RV Store.

Happy Holidays

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And if you are on the road, Put a Smile in Every Mile!

Jose and Jill

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