RV Days , Issue #006– Misadventures

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RV Days , Issue #006– Misadventures
November 26, 2005
Here is this month’s issue of RV Days, where we focus on everyday living and having fun on your journey.

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November 25, 2005
Issue #6

In this Issue:

  • RV Journal: Autumn Misadventures
  • Winter Un-Wonderland
  • More on Thousand Trails Parks
  • ‘Tis the Season

RV Journal: Autumn Misadventures

If you have been following our travels out west, you know that we have visited a bunch of interesting places and seen some truly magnificent scenery. It seems like this fantastic journey is a wonderful way to enjoy life. And in fact, we sometimes have to pinch ourselves to be sure it is real.

But lest you get the wrong impression about fulltiming, we would like to share some of the everyday trials that we have encountered lately. This is after all, still just life, and as they say “stuff happens”.
In this case, the “stuff” went from bad to worse.

September 19: Dropped the coach off for service at the Country Coach factory. Our expectation was that we would be tied up in the service department for 2 weeks to a month, and that we would have to be out of the coach for some, if not all, of that time.

September 20: Since we knew we would be in the area for a while, we had booked a number of medical appointments. We spent the morning at Jill’s dentist and the afternoon at Jose’s doctor. The first of several visits we would make in the upcoming weeks. Today we also checked into a hotel as the repairs on our coach began.

September 21: One of the joys of being 50, I had my first colonoscopy. The procedure itself went well; the after-effects of the anesthesia did not. Upon returning to the hotel, Jose helped me to the bed and went to shut the door to the room. I remember I felt a bit queasy, and the next thing I knew, Jose was saying in a very loud voice, “Get up Jill”.

I was on the floor face down. I got up slowly, with blood dripping down my face. I had blacked out, fallen face first on the carpeted floor. Damages included a fat lip, carpet burns on my face, and the beginning of a black eye. We were glad to discover that I had not broken my nose. I got cleaned up and settled back into bed with ice packs, before I did myself in any further.

This was just the beginning.
Read all about our series of unfortunate everyday events.

Winter Un-Wonderland

As the calendar turns toward December, we always remember the winters spent living in the RV in the northeast.

That first winter, we knew we were in for interesting times when the campground owner told us we couldn’t go to our site yet. “Maybe tomorrow,” she had remarked, “It’s too icy now, you wouldn’t make it in”.

We had just returned to New Jersey from a vacation. We both had to go back to work in a few days. As you might imagine, year round RV parks are few and far between in NJ. Even further and fewer were those within commuting distance of our jobs. So with no other choice of where to stay, we parked outside the office for the night, and prayed we would wake up to a very sunny day. With a little luck, the ice would melt long enough for us to dash in and get the coach situated.

The next day did in fact turn sunny. So we decided to try to get to the site. We did not dash however. There had been some melting, but just enough to glaze the underlying ice and gravel. We crept cautiously and had to make a few dicey stops on the slippery surface. At one point, a stop left us with the CB antenna caught on an overhead wire. (We noted the low wires, as another premonition of the sub-standard amenities offered at this “only game in town” campground).

Read the rest of our winter RVing story.

More on Thousand Trails Parks

We figured we would jot down a few comments about the Thousand Trails Parks we have visited so far in the Northwest. These are our observations on attributes that caught our attention. We find it helpful to hear personal opinions on campgrounds, in addition to researching directories for key facts and amenities.

Do bear in mind that these are just opinions, subject to personal preferences. In our experience, ask a bunch of people what they think of a campground and you are likely to get just as many viewpoints.
So here are some of our thoughts.

We visited three 1000 Trails Parks along the Oregon coast: Seaside, Pacific City and Whalers Rest. All three are nice parks near the beach, but don’t count on a great view of the ocean from any of them.

Seaside is set the furthest inland of the three, but it is just a short drive or bike ride to get to the beach and the beachside town center. The park was quiet and small enough for an easy walk about the place. We found it to be a good base for exploring northward to Astoria and southward to Cannon Beach. WiFi is available in the lodge. And the town itself had a nice beach and some outlet stores.

What we had heard about Pacific City was that you either loved it or hated it. We had a positive experience. It is a pretty preserve, with sites set amidst a heavily wooded forest on a hillside overlooking the ocean. The trees block most ocean views except for a few sites.

We found the mix of forest and oceanside location to be very pleasant. And we lucked out and found a very large site surrounded by trees and bushes with lots of birds and the little black rabbits that are found munching throughout the preserve. We even had a glimpse of the ocean from this site.

The roads are paved, but they do wind up the hillside in some pretty tight meanderings.

Whalers Rest is just south of Newport. It is across route 101 from the ocean, with an easy walking path from the lower section of the campground to beach access. There are miles of beach to walk along.

Within the park, you can easily stroll through the southern and northern sections of the preserve. While we were there, they held a walking club several weekday mornings.

In California, we have visited Morgan Hill, Rancho Oso, Soledad Canyon, Wilderness Lakes and Palm Springs. Click here for more details on these Oregon and California Thousand Trails Parks.

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year to give thanks. We are truly grateful that we have our health and the opportunity to see this great country. We are thankful for the kind and caring people in our lives. We are happy to have kept our sense of humor when faced with everyday nuisances. We feel blessed that our troubles have been minor and our joys many.

We hope that the upcoming holidays bring you opportunities to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the simple pleasures of the season.

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Until next time, hoping you Put a Smile in Every Mile!

Jose and Jill

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