Size of Black Water Tank

Size of Black Water Tank

Question: What size septic tank does a 1995 hornet travel trailer have? It’s 28 feet long.

Answer We really have no idea, but can offer some suggestions. Start by contacting the current manufacturer – Keystone. It seems that your travel trailer was manufactured by Damon which was taken over by Keystone. Here is a link to : contact Keystone.

Here are some other suggestions:

1 – Find the owners manual or look for a list of features for your RV. Our motorhome has a sticker in a bathroom cabinet that tells me how large my holding tanks are.
2 – Locate the holding tank and try to see if it has any marking that tell you how many gallons it holds. This may require crawling under the rig to find the information.
3 – If all else fails start with an empty tank and try filling the tank one gallon at a time, keeping track of how many gallons were used to fill the tank. It is slow, but accurate unless you have solids that have built up in the tank over the years. If there are solids built up, then you may need to have the tank professionally cleaned. Then you can try filling the tank one gallon at a time.

Other input welcome.

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