Surface of Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Surface of Fiberglass Travel Trailer

by Robin (Toronto)

Question: Is a raised welt-like line (not a bump), on the outside surface of a fiber glass travel trailer a problem?

Answer: It might be. We suggest you have it diagnosed at an RV service facility that specializes in fiberglass work. Maybe get a couple opinions. Naturally, such a service center will want the business of repairing the problem, but hopefully with a couple opinions, you can get a sense of how serious it is.

The root cause could be water damage, or it could just be a cosmetic defect in the fiberglass. Try to get some input on the source of the problem and best guesses on whether it will get worse.

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Nov 13, 2012

Fiberglass problem

by: Skip

I don’t know if my suggestion will be of use to you, but I had a similar problem with my new 5th wheel. You don’t say how old the trailer is or whether or not you’re the first owner.

My 2011 Coachmen Brookstone developed an issue of the fiberglass covering separating from the underlayment and causing warping in the outside surface. When Coachmen corporate agreed to address the problem, the issue was solved but not before their admitting that the plywood underlayment had been built using “green” plywood when their normal supplier had run out of the standard wood. The adherent gave up and allowed the fiberglass to begin coming loose and warping outward. It was clearly a corporate manufacturing issue; which they repaired.

You might look into that. Hope your problem is repaired to your satisfaction!



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