Water Leak on Underside of 5th Wheel

Water Leak on Underside of 5th Wheel

by Connie (Wisconsin)

Question: After staying at a RV Park in Texas for 2 months, and when pulling out for the return trip home, water came out of the bottom of our 5th wheel. We had no problem with water leaking for 2 months while sitting. It was fresh water and a lot of it. How do we go about finding where the leak is? We have never used the holding tanks. Never have had a problem with the sewer holding tanks. Any ideas on how to find what caused it and fix it?

Answer: It is difficult to diagnose this problem without actually duplicating it. A couple thoughts come to mind. One is that it could be run off from the AC that didn’t drain until you changed the incline on the vehicle by moving it.

Another thought is that it was caused by rain, meaning that there is a leak somewhere. You would have to try to duplicate this to troubleshoot.

Another possibility is that you have a leak somewhere in your water lines. You could try to check this by filling your fresh water tanks partially, then turn on the water pump. With the water faucets all turned off, listen for the water pump cycling on and off. If it continues to do so, it indicates that there is leak in one of the fresh water lines. (In essence the water pump cycles on, trying to maintain water pressure in the lines, which it can’t do because of a leak.

Those are our thoughts. We welcome input from other RVers.

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