How to Dispose of Car Batteries Safely 

It’s time to shell out more money on your car and replace that battery that keeps dying. Batteries can die for multiple reasons whether it be from leaving the lights on overnight or having a faulty alternator. Maybe there are no specific issues and the battery is just getting old. Most standard car batteries have

Pink Fluid Leaking from Car? A Color Coded Guide

Pulling out of your parking spot to see a puddle of fluid on the ground can be unsettling. What is that pink fluid leaking from your car? Is that puddle on the ground even from you? Regardless of what type of car you are driving and what engine it uses, leaks can happen. It may

How Many Brakes on a Car and How They Work  

What is the only thing more important than making a car move? Getting it to stop. Brakes are an essential part to any vehicle and need to be relied on even more than the engine itself. If the engine or battery don’t work you’re not going anywhere. If the brakes don’t work, it may be

5 Best AWD Trucks – What’s Right for You 

Trucks can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it be as an everyday driver or used for work purposes, their reliability, ruggedness, power, and available utility space makes them very useful. Nearly all trucks come standard with four-wheel drive (4WD), but this is not the same as all-wheel drive (AWD). What are some

What Engine Does My Car Have? – Common Types of Engines

Cars come in all shapes and sizes to meet the many different needs of the daily driver so it is no surprise there are a large variety of engines as well. If you’re not a car person you’ll probably find yourself asking at some point, what engine does my car have? When purchasing a car

5 Reasons Your Car Battery Keeps Dying – What Can Drain a Car Battery

Your car battery keeps dying? Determining why your car won’t start can be frustrating. There are dozens of reasons why it may not start, but if you were able to troubleshoot and come to the realization it is a dead battery you will want to know why exactly your car battery keeps dying and what