Cable TV Jack Location

Cable TV Jack Location

by Tulipbumper (Seattle)

Question: I know…I SHOULD know. But somehow I missed the part about where to plug in the exterior cable TV cable on the outside of the trailer. I found a jack INSIDE the exterior entertainment center console, but find it hard to believe that’s the only one. I would have to leave the console open all the time if I wanted to leave cable plugged in.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: All we can suggest is to look in the plumbing bay and other places outside the RV. Perhaps there is a place to run the cable through the floor of one of your storage compartments, which might alleviate the issue of having to leave a storage area door open.

You could also try contacting the manufacturer, an RV dealer or RVers with a similar RV.

Other input welcome – and let us know where you find it.

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