Best Extension Cord Reel

An extension cord reel is a fantastic tool to have while traveling and camping in your RV as it provides easy access to a long distant power outlet when you need it. It keeps the cable of the extension cord neatly packed away and prevents cables from cluttering the already limited space in your RV. It’s also super easy to use and can be an invaluable tool when it comes to needing light or power away from your RV while camping.

1. JO JO Cable Reel
An extension cord reel is a great way for keeping extension cord cables neat. JO-JO Cable Reel by Jacob Jensen Holding / WikiCommons / CC BY-SA 3.0.

What to Consider When Buying an Extension Cord Reel

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for an extension cord reel.

1. Length of the Cord

The length of the cable in the extension cord reel is the most important factor to consider. Extension cord reels are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 25 to 65 feet in length. It’s a good idea to get an extension cord slightly longer than you think you’ll need, however, bear in mind that a longer cable will produce more heat.

2. Number of Power Outlets

The more outlets the extension cord reel has, the better. Go for a unit with at least three power outlets to ensure you can power a few tools/devices at once. Some of the extension cords also have USB ports for powering small devices.

3. Reel Structure

The casing or reel should be made from a sturdy, strong material to protect the cables from physical damage. The casing should also have a handle to make it easy to lift, hold, and carry wherever needed.

4. Cord Material

The material of the cord is another important factor as it should be durable and strong and able to withstand a variety of physical challenges. Most cords or extension cables are made from strong PVC material and coated with high-grade ABS material for the highest safety. Ideally, cords should be oil- and water-resistant.

5. Automatic Circuit Breaker

The automatic circuit breaker on an extension cord reel is an essential protection device. It automatically cuts the power supply whenever the circuit experiences an unusual peak in the current.

Different extension cords come with different current limits. This also depends utmost directly on the Gauge number. Make sure you’re having an accurate pick here.

The automatic circuit breaker doesn’t only protect the cable but also makes sure your deceives are not getting affected by it.

6. Gauge Number

The gauge number refers to the thickness of the wire and is measured in AWG units. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the gauge wire, however, it does not denote the superiority of the cable. Different wires come with different gauge numbers ranging from 12 – to 16 AWG. A high gauge cable is used for devices that don’t use much current, such as household appliances and a low gauge cable is best for heavy workloads.

2. Extension cord reel
Extension cord reel by Tim Reckmann / CCNull / CC BY 2.0

Best Extension Cord Reel

Masterplug OMA601114G4SL-US Extension Cord Reel

The Masterplug OMA601114G4SL-US Extension Cord Reel is a 60-foot cable with four power outlets so you can plug all the devices together. The extension cord reel has a comfortable handle for easy carrying and a cable guide that eliminates the possibility of wires getting tangled while rolling.

The 14/3 gauge comes with a safety overload circuit break that cuts the connection quickly when an overload has been detected and there is an LED power indicator that indicates the current status of the power supply.

The cable reel is durable and strong and has a dedicated switch for convenience. The Masterplug OMA601114G4SL-US Extension Cord Reel comes with a three-year warranty.


  • 60 feet long
  • Four power outlets
  • LED indicator
  • Three-year warranty period

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CopperPeak Extension Cord Reel

The CopperPeak Extension Cord Reel is a 50-foot cable designed for medium to heavy workloads. It has three power outlets for plugging in multiple devices and the extension reel has a unique 180-degree swivel design which can be used to mount the electric reel to any wall.

This extension cable comes with 14-gauge protection and is durable enough to withstand the burden of heavy tools and equipment. It has an overload breaker switch that automatically cuts off the current when overloaded.


  • 180 degrees swivel design
  • Wall-mountable
  • 14-gauge protection
  • Durable and strong

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DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel

The DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel boasts a simple and effective design with a 25-foot cable and 16- AWG gauge wire that can handle at least 13 amps of high current. It has four power outlets for convenience and an automatic switch breaker that cuts the power supply, as well as a wide handle at the top of the reel for easy handling. The DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel comes with a one-year replacement policy.


  • 25-foot cable
  • 16-AWG gauge wire
  • Four power outlets
  • One-year replacement policy

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Forge Cable Retractable Extension Cord

Forge Cable Retractable Extension Cord is a 30-foot-long 16/3-gauge cable with a retractable design that is ideal for household needs. The extension cord reel can take multiple devices that use up to 10A of current or 125 Volts and 1250 Watts.

The lightweight extension cord reel has a broad handle for easy handling and comes with a mounting bracket for placing on a wall if needed. The cable has a flexible vinyl covering protection for outdoor use and it is water-resistant and ultra-durable.

The Forge Cable Retractable Extension Cord has a life-long replacement warranty.


  • Retractable design
  • Flexible vinyl covering protection
  • Water-resistant and weather-proof
  • Life-long warranty period

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Woods 4907 Extension Cord Reel

The Woods 4907 Extension Cord Reel is a budget-friendly extension cord reel with a simple-to-use design. The 25-foot cable can easily cover small to medium-sized RV needs and is equipped with 16 AWG cables and four power outlets for convenience. A circuit breaker automatically cuts the current when it exceeds 12 amps.


  • 25-foot cable
  • 16-AWG gauge wire
  • Four power outlets
  • One-year replacement policy


  • Built with the average plastic quality

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Link 2 Home Cord Reel Extension Cord

The Link 2 Home Cord Reel Extension Cord Reel has a 60-foot long, 14 AWG cable with a built-in circuit breaker of this 14 AWG cord ensures you have the utmost safety while working with it. Here, the feature doesn’t only add life to the cables but also makes the device safe from current overload. Its innovative design boasts a unique four-handle design in the reel that makes handling and transporting easy and comes with a three-year warranty.


  • 60-foot long
  • Four handle design
  • Three-year warranty period

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ReelWorks CR625201S3A Extension Cord Reel

The ReelWorks CR625201S3A Extension Cord Reel is a 12-gauge cable that is 65-foot long and extremely easy to manage. The reel has a retractable quality and an impact-resistant polypropylene case that protects the cables from any physical damage. Features include a swivel bracket for easy mounting purposes on a wall.


  • 65-foot long
  • Protective casing
  • Best for hefty machines

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Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord Reel

The Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord Reel is a 50-foot retractable cable that is flexible in low temperatures, can withstand scorching heat, and is oil and water-resistant. The 14/3 gauge has three outlets that connect multiple devices, as well as a grounded plug that includes five-foot lead-in cords. It also has an adjustable cord stopper and a swivel mounting bracket so it can be mounted on a wall for convenience.


  • 50-foot long
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can connect to multiple devices
  • Five-foot lead-in cord
  • Adjustable cord stopper
  • Swivel mounting bracket

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Link2Home Cord Reel 25 ft. Extension Cord

The Link2Home Cord Reel 25 ft. An Extension Cord is a cubical-shaped extension reel cord with a 25-foot-long cable that can be used for small to medium-sized domestic use. This 16-gauge extension cord is equipped with three power outlets and a USB port for convenience and there’s a built-in circuit breaker for safety.

A unique four-handle switch makes it easy to hold or transport and a power switch controls the power supply from any distant range. The Link2Home Cord Reel 25 ft. Extension Cord comes with a three-year warranty.


  • 25-foot cable
  • USB port
  • Four power outlets
  • Built-in circuit breaker for safety
  • Three-year warranty period

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SuperHandy Cord Reel Extension

The SuperHandy Cord Reel Extension is equipped with Wi-Fi technology for controlling the features of the unit such as switching on/off an outlet, controlling the power switch, and applying a timer for every power outlet.

Specifically built to use with heavy-duty machines and tools, the extension cord reel consists of 50 feet of 12 gauge of wire with high durability factors and three different power outlets for convenience with a two-button cap design for physical protection.

Three core wire grounded cables can carry up to 15 amps of current transmission and are made from IP64 Weather Resistant and ABS fireproof material for outdoor use.


  • Smart features accessible via a mobile application
  • Voice assistant compatible
  • Smart lock
  • Fireproof material

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Extension Cord Safety – Dos and Don’ts

Extension cords are a common and convenient way to bring power to electrical devices. But used without proper caution, they can become fire hazards and pose risks to your safety.

  • Purchase only cords that have been approved by an independent testing laboratory.
  • For outdoor projects, use only extension cords marked for outdoor use.
  • Read the instructions (if available) for information about the cord’s correct use and the amount of power it draws.
  • Select cords that are rated to handle the wattage of the devices with which they’ll be used. A cord’s gauge indicates its size: The smaller the number, the larger the wire and the more electrical current the cord can safely handle.
  • Consider the length you’ll need. Longer cords can’t handle as much current as shorter cords of the same gauge.
  • Choose cords with polarized or three-prong plugs.
  • For use with larger appliances, thick, round, low-gauge extension cords are best. For smaller appliances and electronics, you can use thin or flat cords.
  • Using extension cords
  • Never remove an extension cord’s grounding pin to fit into a two-prong outlet.
  • Avoid powering multiple appliances with one cord.
  • Never use indoor extension cords outdoors.
  • Don’t plug multiple cords together.
  • Don’t run extension cords under rugs or furniture.
  • Never tape extension cords to floors or attach them to surfaces with staples or nails.
  • Don’t bend or coil cords when they’re in use.
  • Cover unused cord receptacles with childproof covers.
  • Stop using extension cords that feel hot to the touch.
  • Caring for extension cords
  • Always store cords indoors.
  • Unplug extension cords when they’re not in use.
  • Throw away damaged cords.
  • Pull the plug — not the cord — when disconnecting from the outlet.
  • Why are extension cords a safety hazard?
  • If the extension cord is covered, heat is unable to escape and could result in a fire.
  • Make sure extension cords are visible and if at all possible, not running across highly trafficked areas. They can be a trip hazard for people walking through the area.
  • When an extension cord is used, take extra precautions to prevent electric shock. It’s important to make sure that it’s not in water or snow. If you’re using an extension cord outdoors, purchase a cord rated for outdoor use.

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