Electric Refrigerator vs. Propane

Electric Refrigerator vs. Propane

Question: I unplugged the camper from electric source and defrosted the refrigerator/freezer. After a day or so I went to camper and realized I didn’t turn refrigerator off.. I turned the propane tank on instead. Will there be anything wrong with the refrigerator when plugged back in again?

Answer: From what you have described, there shouldn’t be a problem. Most RV refrigerators are designed to work on electric or propane.

We live fulltime in our RV and our fridge is set to automatically select the available power source, with electric the primary default. We are usually hooked up to an electric connection in a campground. But when boondocking or otherwise parked for an overnight without electricity, we run our fridge on propane and then switch back to electric automatically when we hook up again.

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