Question: I was running the RV generator this morning and the AC,lights and TV were all on. Then my wife turned on the microwave and the entire 120 volt system went down. Only after plugging the RV into the house electric did all appliances work again. I checked all fuses and they were good, and none of the breakers had tripped. Any ideas?

Answer: It seems that you overloaded the generator. You mentioned that all your fuses were good and that none of the circuit breakers had tripped. However, you did not mention if you checked the breakers on the generator itself.

This has happened to me and it is usually the breakers on the generator. This means I have to go outside, open the generator bay and reset the breakers. Another thing you might check is for a tripped GFI outlet.

If it is none of the above I recommend going to a good RV repair shop that is good with generators and electrical work.

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