RV LP Appliance Igniter

Question: Neither the water heater, furnace, nor refrigerator in my 1998 Country Coach Max Venture Class C, will work on gas. I don’t know about the stove, since I have never used it. I can’t find any info in coach manuals. I assume it isn’t a propane issue since the water heater won’t even try to light.

The furnace blows only cold air & you can hear the fridge try to catch. I’m assuming it’s an electrical switch that creates the lighting spark?? Is there a fuse I need to check? Something electric?

Any help will be appreciated. Even if I have to have it repaired, it’s the not having a clue as to the cause that I dislike.

Answer: Start your diagnosis by making sure you have propane and that the shutoff valve is open at the tank.

Your RV might have a an LP gas detector that needs to be reset before gas will flow to the appliances. My RV has a solenoid that shuts off the LP if the gas detector senses a leak and will not allow LP to flow until I manually reset the LP gas detector.

Another problem I’ve encountered is loss of power to the the solenoid due to a blown fuse.

If the problem is more complex than what is described above, take your RV to a qualified service center. Propane can be dangerous so do not take any chances.

Comments for LP Appliance Igniter

Jul 08, 2012 Thank you, also
by: Anonymous

Received your answer to my lp appliance igniter question. I’d tried almost all of the suggestions already but never the lp detector – worked beautifully. Have had the same problem a couple times since. Flip the switch off & back on – works like a charm. Read the comment just posted. I’m almost more excited having helped someone else for once. Thanks for your site and the clear-to-follow explanation.

Jul 03, 2012 THANK YOU
by: Peggie

I was headed to my local RV place for the third time of the morning to find out why propane wasn’t getting to appliances in my horse trailer LQ. Pondering this annoying problem in bed, I pulled up ASK.com on my iPhone. Found your site; went out to trailer and reset propane detector. YEEHAW!

I’m heading to the NM mountains for a trail riding vacation with other equestrians and now have confidence my frig, hot water and cooking will be fine! Thanks again!!