RV LP Gas Line Quick Release Fitting

by Steve Johnson

(Georgetown, Ca.)

Question: My Travel Trailer has a 1/2″ gas line running underneath along the frame. There is a Tee with a short stub which is capped off near the rear. I would like to remove the cap and replace it with a fitting so I could hook up an outdoor grill. Is there a quick release fitting that will work or do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Given what you describe, you can probably find a quick release fitting if you go to a store that deals with these sort of products. However, consider the impacts of road debris the and elements on a quick release connection. It might be better to put in a fitting that you can control manually and keep clean. And that way you will know for sure that the gas is turned off at the Tee when you are not using it.

We suggest you go to a store that sells fittings for gas appliances and/or grills and ask what they think. Camping World or a home improvement store might be able to help.

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Sep 03, 2011 Propane Quick Disconnect
by: Anonymous

“Anonymous” suggests the following products and advice: You require the following three items from fairviewfittings.com .


from this website:


These are specifically made for your purpose.

Be sure to buy the third item QD-RVSDC-4 1/4 Coupler Dust Plug for QD-GMRVC4-4F as this will eliminate the issue stated above about getting debris in the outlet (female adapter) attached to trailer.

The typical installation involves extending the current LP piping to a location on the side of the RV where the fitting (item one QD-GMRVC4-4F) will be at 90 degrees to the trailer wall with the open end of the fitting just inside the edge of the wall. way it is easy to reach to connect or disconnect the hose male end.

These fitting have a double shutoff. First the quick connect/disconnect acts like any air fitting and doesn’t allow flow without the male end inserted. PLUS there is a manual shutoff valve which has a tab so that you cannot disconnect unless the valve is off (i.e., double protection).

I actually always keep the valve off even with the BBQ hose plugged in just for safety sake until i need to turn on the BBQ.

Another point to remember is that the propane gas pressure in this line is “after” the regulator mounted at your tank(s). In other words, you only have 6.3 ounces per square inch or about 0.4 psi. If you connect it directly to your BBQ hose or other LP appliance, make sure it does not have another regulator in the line or at the controls as the appliance will not work.

Last point, I don’t know why they don’t sell a dust cover for the male end fitting but you can get dirt in this as well by dropping the hose on the ground, or with the BBQ and hose (with fitting) in the back of a pickup, etc. So I use a plastic plumbing fitting I found at the hardware store to keep it covered when it is not in the adapter mounted on the trailer.

Happy RVing