Running Generator while Sleeping

Running Generator while Sleeping

by Rob (Texas)

Question: Can you safely run your generator while sleeping? I have a 2008 Keystone Raptor.

Answer: That depends on where the windows are in relationship to the generator exhaust, whether you will be keeping the windows open, and your own comfort level with leaving the generator running. We personally would not sleep with the generator running no matter what. But only you can make that decision based on your circumstances.

However, here is a suggestion based on what we do when we boondock during those hot humid warm nights. We cool the bedroom down prior to sleep with the air conditioning. With the bedroom relatively cool, we then open the windows to try to get cross ventilation. Prior to lights out we turn on a small 12 volt oscillation fan that blows air across the bed. We have found that this works well even in 90+ degree weather. In very humid weather we have had less success – but not so bad that we couldn’t sleep.

Other opinions welcome.

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