RV Furnace – Needs Priming Everyday?

by Tim (GA)

Question: My furnace works great throughout the night, but I shut it off to go to work. When I restart it the next evening, I have to prime by lighting stove to get it to work every day.
Do I have a leak somewhere? I checked & don’t see any. Help? Thank you for your time & effort.

Answer: We are not experts in diagnosing propane problems, however, it seems that lighting the stove purges air out of the propane lines. If you have air in the lines the propane furnace will not light. I highly recommend you take your RV to repair shop that have experience with propane furnace problems.

Additionally, here are some things to consider:

  • Has the furnace had its yearly maintenance completed?
  • I assume you have electronic ignition on the furnace.
    If so, is the electronic ignitor working properly?