Best RV Tow Bars

After investing a considerable amount of time in research and comparison, we took a stand on our best tow bar pick on the list, which is the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar. It is an easy, durable, and accessible tow bar that can be put to use for vehicles up to 6,500 lbs. When not in use, you can easily store this best tow bar at the back of any vehicle as it can easily be folded for portability. The Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar specializes in its high-class quality strength and compression that makes towing feel like a breeze, especially for people without any towing experience. If you are a first-timer at this game, we suggest you play it well with the best tow bar automotive tool on the market. That way, you know what you’re up against and you’re well aware of its advantages so you won’t face any troubles along the way.

A tow bar is used by many on a large scale as its mastery and durability hints at stronger performance and stamina for heavyweight vehicles. With a tow bar such as the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar, you can easily attach vehicles, combined with its appropriate base plate, and use it as instructed. This best tow bar is designed to perform in an unconventional manner, providing unrivaled strength and pull, with its self-aligning and quick disconnect hookup pins. The Signature Series easy-release locking handles make things much easier when coupled with this tow bar’s strong and unyielding construction. The Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar is a proud product advanced with the help of many powerful and durable components, these components are designed to bring about a subtle transformation in the positioning and engaging of the locks to keep things running smoothly. This sort of mechanism is weighed as extremely helpful and substantial by many of its users.

If you’re not satisfied with our best pick, and want a tow bar that’s considerably more expensive and strong, we suggest the NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar. It is a multi-purpose aluminum tow bar that features its very own patented Ready Brake supplemental brake system. This system is special and overpowering as it uses 80% of your car’s own braking power to reduce stopping distance by 10% to 30%. Essentially, it makes use of your vehicle’s braking system to further simplify and increase the vehicle’s brake life for efficient towing. Installation and maintenance are extremely easy, plus it takes less than 5 minutes to hook it up to a vehicle. The NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar is a professional and light tow bar with great factory support and build. After considering many durable tow bars on the market, this one ranks the best in terms of performance, build, and durability.

When everything you love is expensive, why don’t you go for a low-cost beast that is undoubtedly better than your best choice? The Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar is capable of towing vehicles up to 5,000 pounds. Its heavyweight and compact construction is sturdy enough for long-term use. This best tow bar is an adjustable one with features that make towing as simple as ABC. It comes with the right safety chains, bumpers, and a fold-away design for better portability and storage. What’s more is that the Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar is easy to install and quick to hook up for towing. It is the perfect size that fits all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and RVs, for as long as their under the 5,000 pounds bar. If you’re looking for a cheaper, but effective tow bar for personal or business use, go for the Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar. It’s the kind of powerful that doesn’t drill a deep hole in your pocket.

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What you need to know before reading on

Out of all the towing systems, a tow bar might the easiest automotive tool you can buy for your needs. It works simply to connect 2 vehicles: one is the main truck or car and the second is the towed car. The traditional method of towing vehicles had gotten too cumbersome and unachievable by professionals so tow bars were invented to make things much easier by keeping all the 4 tires of the towed car on the ground while towing. The main vehicle is the source by which the towed car is pulled from the pick-up destination to the drop-off destination. For this primary reason, lots of manufacturers features unique and durable tow bar systems such as self-alignment, brake system, swivel gears, etc. to make the tow bar more robust and efficient for long-term use. It is important, for safety reasons, that the best tow bar for you should feature a maximum tow capacity of at least 3,000 pounds. If it’s any lower than that, it can damage both your main car as well as the car that’s being towed. Towing is fairly complicated if you don’t understand the basics of it, but once practiced, it is surprisingly straightforward. Each tow bar comes equipped with features that try to eliminate any kind of dragging or inefficiency during towing, so to keep in mind how a tow bar works and what are its best features based on the type is imperative before buying the best tow bar on the market.

Our best pick: Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar

Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar

The Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar is a tried-and-true automotive tool, thanks to the durable steel construction for better towing forces. It is robustly maneuverable and flexible enough with its rubber boots that protect the tow bar from road grim. The fact that is also comes with 10,000 lb safety cables makes this best tow bar the safest and most dependable tool to use for a long period of time. Based on our research, we found that many users were happy and well satisfied with the safety cables as that made the hooking and unhooking extremely simple and speedy. Moreover, the high-quality and reasonable price of this best tow bar makes it a catch for those looking for the perfect blend of stamina and longevity for their towing activities. When it comes to automotive tools, buyers are always looking for something powerful and dependable for the long run, and anything less than that is deemed useless and incapable of strapping tasks. The Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar promises long-life performance and durability with its durable steel build and off-set triple lugs for better aligning and towing force. The Alpha 6 features a dependable swivel design with a 2-inch shank that offers years and years of persistent towing. Backed by a solid 3-year limited warranty, the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar has lasted for many robust years after its 3-year warranty mark so you have nothing to worry about. With its easy-locking handles and quick disconnect hookup pins, this best tow bar comes well-equipped in the favor of powerful towing for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, RVs, etc. We consider safety first as far as tow bars are concerned, which is why the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar is our most favorite pick as it is backed efficiently with safety features that are a class apart for the perfect towing experience.
To conclude, this best tow bar knows what it’s made for, and it outweighs the rest with what it can do.

Our upgraded pick: NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar


NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar
Opting for the most expensive pick on the list, the NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar has been reviewed by many experts and consumers online for its stamina and unique braking system. It is backed with a patented Supplemental Braking System at the top of the tow bar. This integrated brake system utilizes the vehicle’s braking system to increase its brake life by reducing the stopping distance by 10% to 30%. By using 80% of the attached vehicle’s brake system, this best tow bar can make a huge difference in how towed cars run on the road and how well they’re towed for the benefit of the driver. Moving forward, the NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar features 8,000 lbs towing weight capacity and its durable aluminum frame weighs just about 40 lbs for better portability. It comes with a non-binding design that makes towing much easier as it gets easy to hook up and unhook vehicles for faster towing. Even though this best tow bar is an extravagant pick on the list, it boasts of a simplified and lightweight design for dependable performance. As with any automotive towing tool, if it’s considerably lightweight and portable, it’s best to use for most people. If it’s anything higher in terms of weight and design, common users find it difficult to comprehend and hence, they give up soon. A dependable choice is one that’s lightweight, portable, and flexible for ease of use. The NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar is exactly the kind of engineering most people find staunch and effortless to understand and master. To spice up this best tow bar’s credibility, the durable powder coated finishing makes it last longer than any other lightweight tow bar on the market. Lastly, the NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar comes with a full lifetime warranty with an additional pair of Coiled Safety Cables and a free monitoring system for better functionality.
To conclude, there’s already enough to make the NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar a compelling product today, especially if you’re into smart towing tools.

Our affordable pick: Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar

Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar

The Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar is a better-performing and considerably cheaper tow bar on the market. It features that one universal size that fits most vehicles well, it is well-made, and comes with no pressure and compression problems. The commonly-witnessed problem with low-cost adjustable tow bars is that they give up courage much sooner than later. This fault not only of time for users, but it’s also a waste of investment. To get something that’s dependable and durable enough to run for many years is something buyers are looking for today, and the Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar is the perfect example of that demand. This best tow bar features the kind of modifications and build of a durable and high-performing tow bar. It features a maximum towing weight capacity of 5,000 pounds with a fit bumpers ranging from 24-inch to 41-inch in width. It is a compact and heavy-duty tow bar designed for security as much as it is built for robust towing. The maximum tongue capacity of this best tow bar is unreachable by many affordable tow bars on the market, and it weighs only 29 pounds. The 2-inch fitting ball and reliable arm extension makes hookups and unhooks much simpler and faster than expected. The 2 adjustable 30-inch safety chains provide that extra punch of protection and towing forces for heavyweight vehicles that are to be towed for longer distances. You want something that features a universal bumper size and a tow bar that features a proper mount. These features are all very important because then you install and attach the tow bar to the required vehicles, and you don’t have to feel any sort of pressure or pull when you’re towing for longer distances. The Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar fits heavyweight vehicles with its heavy-duty construction that designed for dependable towing forces. Lastly, the Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar features a fold-away body for easy storage in the garage, the trunk of the car, and even for efficient portability.
Among the less pricey models, this best tow bar is good for vehicles where grip and performance is more important than price.

Best lightweight tow bar

Blue Ox BX4325 Aladdin Tow Bar

The Blue Ox BX4325 Aladdin Tow Bar features a 3-axis swivel design that connects and disconnects quickly and efficiently. It also includes a self-aligning feature that can be used for towing vehicles up to 7,500 lbs. This lightweight tow bar is a good place to start if you’re doing everything by yourself in a more safe and time-effective manner. This best tow bar also offers easy-release locking handles that are labeled under its patented Signature Series collection. The handles make towing much simpler and hassle-free so buyers don’t have to worry about disconnecting the tow bar during emergencies. Moreover, the aluminum construction of the Blue Ox BX4325 Aladdin Tow Bar provides that extra punch of durability and flexibility for performance as well as storage, thanks to the fold-away aluminum tow bar mounts. If you’re ever faced a weight issue with your tow bar, you must know that this lightweight tow bar features the perfect components for safe and efficient connection. The off-set triple lugs and the rubber boots provide remarkable support for users to get things done right the first time. A faulty tow bar can potentially damage your vehicle and cost you thousands of dollars for repair. That’s why you need the Blue Ox BX4325 Aladdin Tow Bar for excellent vehicle towing and towing protection.

Best heavyweight tow bar

Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar

Just as a lightweight tow bar features robust characteristics for the perfect towing experience, a heavyweight tow bar provides 100% self-defense for towing heavy-duty vehicles. It comes with a wide range of durability features and safety features that extends its lifespan by more than 2-3 years, tops! The Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar is a stainless steel, corrosion-resistant tow bar that is built to last for a really long time. Heavyweight tow bars usually boast of their durable, and so does this best tow bar. It comes with self-lubricated nylon bushings that eliminate towing friction between the inner and outer arms, the high-tech, durable powder coating provides unrivaled durability, and fold-away design helps for storage. Compatible with all kinds of vehicles with a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs, the Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar offers a simple and secure way for connection and disconnection of vehicles, thanks to the large hookup radius and extra-long telescoping arms. Another most loved feature of this best tow bar is patented latching mechanism that ensures quick hookups and easy storage options for users who don’t like wasting time. The overall consensus of the Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar is that it’s a highly-durable and well-guarded tow bar that comes with a Protection Plan coverage for longer usage.

Best accessible tow bar

Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar

Another powerful tow bar by Blue Ox is its Signature Series BX4330Acclaim Class II. It is an upgraded model with advanced safety features and a stronger built for consistent towing activities. With its self-aligning ability, easy-folding design, and automatic locking mechanism, this best tow bar has stolen the show. The primary focus of this best tow bar is ease of use, and rightly so because it many users found the Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar to be the most easiest and quickest tow bar on the market. It features only a dual pin system that speeds up the disconnection process, plus the self-storing ball tow bar mounts allow faster connection. This is a coupler-style tow bar that keeps your towed vehicle right behind you, in a strictly locked position. The self-aligning design, which is imperative in all tow bars on the market, connects well with the overall performance of the tow bar. Moreover, the trip-lug protection system for connecting makes the towing bracket steady on each bar arm while featuring a strong threshold against the vehicle’s base plate. Other impressive features include safety cables, integrated holding pin for arm protection, and a durable steel construction. Such innovative technology is compelling enough to make the Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar our best tow bar on the list.


The best way to pass judgment on towing tools is by comparing them with best-performing contenders in terms of price, construction, weighing capacity, safety features, and durability. Below is a list of 5 closely-competitive tow bars in the industry that are good for all those features that we mentioned before. These products offer plenty more features that will help you arrive at the right purchasing decision.
1. curt-19745-adjustable-tow-bar
CURT 19745 Adjustable Tow Bar

For under $100, the CURT 19745 Adjustable Tow Bar is one of the affordable beasts that many fall short to compete with. It serves up some highly-efficient, durable, and robust features that never regret performance. This best tow bar can handle either 2,000 lbs or 5,000 lbs, something that falls perfectly between the kinds of vehicles that are most commonly towed by most people. This adjustable tow bar is specifically designed for A-frame trailers that fall under the weight category perfectly. Moreover, users can either bolt or weld on the tow bar onto these trailers effortlessly, thanks to the CURT 19745 Adjustable Tow Bar’s top-wind and side-wind design. It also features a simple fold-away design for storage, plus the 26-inch to 41-inch arm width is perfect for smooth towing. They have quick-disconnect brackets and heavy-duty coupler fits 2-inch balls- something that performs all the way around for the perfect towing compression. For extra durability, the CURT 19745 Adjustable Tow Bar is rust-resistant black powder-coated steel that allows for more strength-efficient towing and extended lifespan. Finally, the CURT 19745 Adjustable Tow Bar is our first competitor with many impressive features to boast of. If you’re looking for a well-defined tow bar for yourself, we suggest this best tow bar.

2. reese-towpower-74344-adjustable-class-iii-tow-bar
Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar

For under $120, the Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar is every bit as good as the higher-graded models. It comes with a good-quality, durable construction and a 5,000 pound weight capacity with basic installation. The fold-down convenience and adjustable design of the Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar makes it our second best competitor on the list. We found that this best tow is a dependable as well as an economical deal for most people because of its substantial features and lifetime limited warranty. It works with a base plate fabrication, although it’s not a certainty, but that depends on your preferences. The adjustable 2-inch coupler and one set of reliable bumper brackets are ideal for smooth towing. With its black powder coated steel bar material, the Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar provides the best protection for your towing needs. It’s durable, well-fitted, and the only tow bar we’ve tested that’s such a close competition to your best tow bar pick. For installation, it comes well-equipped with all the necessary mounting hardware. The bumper brackets are well-finished black coated for extra durability. Based on our research, we found that this best tow bar works great with a versatile towing range for most vehicles on the market.

3. smittybilt-87450-2-inch-ball-adjustable-tow-bar
Smittybilt 87450 2-Inch Ball Adjustable Tow Bar

For under $150, the Smittybilt 87450 2-Inch Ball Adjustable Tow Bar is a moderately priced and well-crafted tow bar that you might need around your house for personal or business purposes. It features a maximum 5,000 lbs vehicle weight capacity and comes with a standard 2-inch ball mount for perfect towing. The adjustable 2-inch coupler is designed to fit a variety of vehicles, also this best tow bar comes with an additional safety chain. The only drawback to this best tow bar is that is it fits only Smittybilt bumpers which some might find forgiving because the Smittybilt 87450 2-Inch Ball Adjustable Tow Bar is such a treasured and factory-backed tow bar for commercial use. The 500 pound tongue capacity is powerful enough for consistent use. They also feature an included universal mounting bracket, 2 D-ring mounting brackets for perfect mounting and dismounting, if you’re in a hurry. For the price you pay for this best tow bar, the features are sufficient enough and we would definitely recommend this product to someone looking for a perfect match for the money. The last thing you want from a tow bar is inefficiency, and the way the Smittybilt 87450 2-Inch Ball Adjustable Tow Bar is built, it doesn’t come to nothing for smooth towing.

4. demco-9511010-commander-tow-bar
Demco 9511010 Commander Tow Bar

For under $500, the Demco 9511010 Commander Tow Bar is a raised commander tow bar with slightly higher expectations that are inevitably met, thanks to the heavy-duty and durable construction of the tool. The Demco 9511010 Commander Tow Bar approved as the most reasonably priced RV tow bar on the market. It features a maximum weight capacity of 6,000 lbs, and the tool itself weighs only 41 lbs. It features safety cable mounting clips that are protected well with vinyl covered safety cables for perfect towing. These clips eliminate cable dragging once your reach your final destination. Moreover, the Easy Trigger Release feature of this best tow bar boasts of easy hooking and unhooking, plus the angled design of the internal latch block sets efficient triggers that activate when under sufficient pressure. That’s all you need for hooking and unhooking when it comes to the Demco 9511010 Commander Tow Bar. Most people find expensive tow bars extremely complicated and knotty to use on a daily basis, with different vehicles for towing, but this best tow bar is engineered in a simple and user-friendly manner to things much easier for most people. Other impressive features include adjustable towing angle, independent arms, a vertical bolt design, self-aligning design, and self-supporting arms for smooth towing.

5. blue-ox-bx7445-aventa-tow-bar
Blue Ox BX7445 Aventa Tow Bar

For under $700, the Blue Ox BX7445 Aventa Tow Bar is yet another famous Blue Ox tow bar with features so significant and strength-efficient that we found no complaints with the way it’s built. It comes with a 360 degrees swivel for easy hookup that never keeps the bar out of alignment, especially during uneven surfaces. For stronger towing force, this best tow bar offers a cutting edge ball-in-socket design, off-set triple lugs, and a self-tightening picot connection. The additional rubber boots are designed for protection against road grime, something that is extremely common during towing. The Blue Ox BX7445 Aventa Tow Bar is made from durable steel with powder-coated finishing that it the ideal material quality one needs for faster and better towing needs. This best tow bar has everything you will require from a powerful tow bar. The most striking and convincing feature is its maximum 10,000 lbs weight capacity that comes with sturdy safety cables, and a locking handle for ease of use. Based on what we reviewed, the Blue Ox BX7445 Aventa Tow Bar is a sure winner for most people, especially when power and durability is more important than price.

Wrapping it up

When you’ve got no clue about tow bars and how they work, it is wise of you to refer to a detailed guide on the best tow bars you could find online. What you need from a tow bar is a universal demand, and having to know what’s the bestselling and most loved product out there can set you in the right decision making place. We’ve been well aware of automotive tools and towing bars, mainly because we strive to provide the best of the best products to our readers. For your knowledge, let’s summarize some of our best picks on the list: the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar is the best performing tow bar in the industry. It is backed with durable components to provide powerful performance and an impressive tongue capacity like none other. If you think you know tow bars or you think you don’t- you will be right to go with this best tow bar. Following our best pick, we feature the most extravagant pick and the most affordable pick that are two best-selling and well-budgeted tow bars for the budget-conscious buyer. While we provide our readers with versatile picks each time, this detailed guide offers 2 price-based recommendations, 3 convenience-based, and 5 closely-competitive tow bars for better transparency and know-how. And if you don’t already know, tow bars fit all kinds of ranges in terms of tongue capacity, vehicle capacity, safety features, etc. so to find the best tow bar for you can be a bit of a ride, but it’s something that we’ll get through easily.