5th Wheel Puller

5th Wheel Puller

Question: Do you need a dual-wheeled truck to pull a 13,000 lb. trailer?

Answer: It’s not necessarily a matter of whether you need a dual-wheeled truck – it is more about weight considerations and towing capacities. RVers need to understand the different definitions relating to RV weight and how they relate to your specific towing configuration.

There are a lot of variables involved in towing – see the following pages on our web site:

As you look at different trucks, be sure to contact the truck manufacturers directly and get any specs about towing capacity in writing. Don’t take the word of a sales person at a dealer.

Don’t forget about tongue weight as you research the subject.

You may want to search for forums on the topic of towing fifth wheels, but remember that ultimately, you must decide on the safe tow combination.

Another good resource is trailerlife.com  Рspecifically, go to their Trailer Towing Guides for year-specific towing guides and lots of helpful articles.

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