Atwood AC

Atwood AC

Question: Our Atwood RV air conditioner doesn’t turn on. It was working before I ran out of propane – so it seems to be a coincidence. Can it be related to running out of propane?

Answer: We assume the AC does not run on propane, so we suspect it is a coincidence. We can’t think of why running out of propane would have any bearing on the AC. But we have posted your question in case others have input.

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Sep 23, 2015

Atwood AC Shutoff

by: Colleen

Maybe this will help someone else…I have learned they automatically shut off and will not go back on when the filters are dirty as well. The design kind of stinks because dust goes everywhere but I use the hand-held portion of my vacuum and pull them out slowly as I suck the dust at the same time.

Oct 10, 2013

Atwood Air Conditioner problem

by: Anonymous

Although you were advised that propane has no connection to your air conditioner I would like to add some further information. Your air conditioner is only reliant on a 120 Volt AC power supply so will only operate if your unit is connected to shore power.
Check to ensure you have not blown the breaker for this appliance. Assuming all is well there, you may want to check your wall thermostat. In many cases, this is the same thermostat that operates your furnace. Check to see that the switches on the thermostat are in the air conditioner mode and not furnace mode. Also check to ensure your temperature setting is below the current ambient temperature and or room temp.

Jun 26, 2013

NO cold air

by: Anonymous

Yes I would also have to say it is nothing more than a issue of timing, but the first thing I would aleays check would be fuses/circuit breakers, etc. They can blow/trip for some very silly reasons.

So start with the main breaker at the campground post outside, then come inside and check the main distribution box breakers. There is a breaker there that should say a/c. If all that is good, you may need to take it a service center. I do not know how handy you are but there are more steps. Good luck and I hope it is working now or will very soon.

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