Best Portable Heater

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The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX is a buddy radiant heater for most people. What this means is that you can this heating device for your adventures without worrying about quality or performance. It’s also an emergency portable heating device for most people. With a powerful heating capacity, it comes with numerous safety features such as the oxygen level detector and automatic shut-off. This makes the radiant heat longer-lasting and efficient. What we found neat in this pick is the fact that it doesn’t house a warm enclosure. It has a cool-touch construction and the heating element is well-protected.

The Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Propane is a best garage heater with an incredible heating capacity. It comes in a steel construction and an overhead handle for better portability. These best propane heaters are CSA-certified for safe use, so you can take with you everywhere you go. For example, 10-foot hose and regulator goes as further as 1,350 sq ft, better than most fan-forced heaters and room heaters. It’s similar to top performing space heaters, but with a higher price range.

If you’re looking for something cheap and compact, go for the Honeywell HCE100R Heat Bud. It is a portable mini-heater for home and office use. It has a ceramic heating technology that lets you use it at home, on your office desk, or in a library. If you stay at home a lot, for work and studying purposes, having this compact buddy is essential. It keeps you warm and comfortable, so you don’t feel sleepy during an important test. The best feature of this machine is that it shuffles efficiently between different temperatures to save energy and reduce excessive power consumption. Now, isn’t that plenty for an affordable price?

A Little Background

One of the few names for a portable heater is a space heating device. It’s used to heat a small area, which is like central heating, only a best space heater can be moved from one room to another. A central heating system is automatically connected to multiple rooms at once. That said, central heating systems are much expensive than portable heaters. A space heating device can be power-driven by electricity, fuel gas, natural gas, or other burnable fuel sources. However, research indicates that the best portable heaters are electric because they need a permanent exhaust which burns fuel consistently.

Space heating devices that use electricity as its power source are also known as convection space heaters or infrared heaters. That said, if you want an electric fireplace heater with infrared heating technology, go for a more specific choice such as the Duraflame Fireplace Stove.

The basic working of a convection heater:

The convection space heating device uses high-powered electricity to make the device’s heating element, responsible for transferring heat into the air, hot. Just as how a room air conditioner uses electricity to convert warm or outdoor air into cool air. High-quality heating elements are made up of either ceramic or metal. This process is also known as Joule heating. Once the heating element reaches a certain high room temperature, it emits hot air into the room it’s in. Modern space heating devices feature high-quality fans to help suffuse the heated air into the room. It also helps with air ventilation which is important when living in versatile climactic conditions. (1,2)

The basic workings of an infrared heater:

An infrared heater passes electricity to a conducive wire to make it extremely hot. The heat transferred with the help of radiant heating. The hot wires situated inside the heater transfer heat to a surface kept close to it with the help of infrared rays. Unlike convection heating devices, an infrared device heats a solid surface or an object next to it. It doesn’t spread heat throughout the room.

Going ahead, the best time to buy a best portable heat is during the winter season. This way you can transfer the heating device between rooms. Plus, it comes in handy when you want to heat a small room. In case you don’t have an electric outlet for your space heating device, buying a gas-powered model would be your ideal choice. (3)

Different Types of Heaters

You know convection and infrared heaters, however, panel and ceramic heaters are also most common types of portable electric heaters with portable features. Panel heaters combine the technology of both convection and infrared heaters. Panel heaters boast of impressive features such as quick power modes, smart air distribution, and energy-efficient power usage. In short, buying a panel space heater is a practical choice if you want all-around performance. Here’s a brief run-through of all the different types of heaters which make best portable devices for heating small areas.


Convection, infrared, panel, and radiator space heaters belong to this family.

Convection heaters

Convection heaters, in comparison to all, are the most energy-efficient portable water heaters to buy. This space heater is best used for heating smaller areas or an enclosed space quickly and effectively. A convection portable water heater uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heating element. The heating element then transfers hot air into the room. A convection heater is with a fan is good for evenly spreading the heated air throughout the room. Some models do not come with a fan. However, they take longer to heat up a room than heating devices with a fan.

Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters offer heat on a specific object or surface or a part of the room. Consider an infrared heater as your very own fireplace where you need to sit closer to the opening to feel warm and comfortable. An infrared heating device makes the best one-person portable heater for most people. That said, unlike convection models, once an infrared space heater is turned off the warmth stays for a brief time only.

Panel heaters

A panel space heater combines the performance and efficiency of a convection heater and the technology of infrared heaters. These energy-efficient space heaters have a quick power startup feature and warm air distribution settings, all at a rate that promotes energy efficiency.

Radiator space heaters

An oil filled radiator heater is commonly used in residential spaces. Unlike other models, a radiator space heater is hot to touch when powered on. And it uses oil to produce heat with the help electricity. Unlike other oils, the oil present in a radiator doesn’t need refilling. It’s not a flammable liquid, so it burns without depletion. The radiator needs to be switched on for a while for it to start heating up an area. This is because these oil-filled heaters adopt a natural air circulation system to efficiently warm the room. The heat produced by radiator space heaters leaves the room after an hour or so after you switch the device off. (4)


Gas-powered heaters need a gas connection and an ignition source for consistent performance. A gas-powered heater quickly warms the air around it in order to make the warmth spread across the room last longer. A portable gas space heater is primarily used outdoors after sunset to warm the backyard or the patio. But if you want to heat a small room without any electric outlet, a gas-powered heater is your only shot. Modern gas-powered heaters feature portable features such as castor wheels that allow you to warm different areas of your backyard or patio. (5)

The two main types of gas-powered heaters are natural gas and liquid propane.

Natural gas heaters

Natural gas heaters require a consistent and practical gas line and only a professional can help you install it in or outside your home. Natural gas heaters are more complicated to install, however, given that natural gas is less exhaustive, it makes up for the lack of refuelling or refilling the tank for a long period of time. It’s important to take note that natural gas heaters need proper air circulation to function. So, keeping them in a confined area is not a good idea as that borders on reducing the quality of air. For safety purposes, it’s better to have an accurate air quality monitor in the same room as the natural gas heater.

Liquid portable propane heater

A liquid propane heater requires a standard tank filled with liquid propane. This is a good backup option for residential areas that experience power outage a lot. All you have to do is make sure the tank is full and ready to go when you need a portable heater. A heater backed by such a tank can burn and warm any room after several hours before it needs to be refuelled or the tank replaced. (6,7)

How We Picked

The best models use the following features to boost performance, efficiency, and durability.

Auto shut-off

Auto shut-off is considered as the most durable safety feature that most portable heaters have. It resists unnecessary power usage or overheating. It’s a safety precaution as it shuts the model as soon as a component or an element is clogged or the device is tipped over.


Most modern portable heaters come with an accurate timer. A timer lets you set the exact amount of time, be it minutes or hours, that you want your heater to warm the room. This is a good feature to have when you want an indoor heating device. So, you can have the model shut off on its own late at night when you’re asleep without having to switch it off on your own.

A timer also comes in handy when you want to pre-heat a room before you enter.

Long power cord

A long power cord is what makes a best space heater mobile, to begin with. This also depends on how far you want to take the portable heater. Another major advantage of a long power cord is that if the cord is long enough you can take the portable heater to another room without unplugging it. This allows you to move the portable heater without using an extension cord.

Remote control

Modern portable heaters come with remote control functionality that allow you to have full control over the device without having to manual control it. Remote control, be it a physical remote or controlled via an app, can be a good tool to make your life easier and more convenient. You can control various aspects of a heating device such as the timer, power, adjustable thermostat, fan speed, and heating speed with the help of a handy remote control.

Programmable Thermostat

A good adjustable thermostat is one which allows you maintain a set temperature for a long period of time. So, no going back and forth adjusting the temperature settings to feel warm and not too hot.

A thermostat with the help of automatic shut-off can be a good safety to rely on. For example, once the heater reaches a certain temperature, it will turn itself off automatically to prevent overheating to an unsafe temperature. That being said, one of the major safety hazards of portable heaters is fire hazards. So, a thermostat can be a highly protective feature to rely on.

A space heater can cause fire, according to studies, when it’s placed on an uneven surface or has restricted ventilation. By keeping the appliance in a well-ventilated area and an on a flat surface can ensure proper operation. For that, make sure the space heater has proper tip-over function and safety switches like an adjustable thermostat and a remote control.

Noise level

This also refers to the fan heater control settings. Fan control is significant feature for your portable heater. Like a thermostat, once the room reaches a set temperature, maintaining that temperature is the job of a heater fan. But this needs to done without emitting a loud and screeching sound. If your heater’s noise level surpasses 50 to 60 dBa, it’s time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient one with quiet performance. (8)


Our Best Pick

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The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX is the best propane portable heater for most people. It runs on propane, which means it’s doesn’t need any power cords or protection to repel moisture, dust, and debris. We think this best portable heater makes an excellent outdoor heater for bigger families. It has a power rating of 4,000 to 9,000 BTU and is capable of warming spaces up to 225 square feet. One of the best features of this heating device is the 4-position built-in Piezo igniter power control and the low and high heat settings.

For children and pets, the durable high temperature wire guard keeps them protected. While the porcelain coated heating surfaces ensures longer lasting performance for the whole family. Place this portable radiant heater on a flat surface and the tip-over safety shut-off feature will take care of the rest.


Flaws but not dealbreakers

The way this best portable heating device is designed, the space heater lacks thermostat and automatic shut-off features. This makes the space heater a not-so-ideal pick for indoor seating arrangements.


Our Best Step-Up Pick

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The Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Propane is our top-grade expensive pick. It has an incredible heating capacity of 60,000 BTU, a 10-foot hose, and a durable blower fan for spreading the warmth over a large area. You can use this indoors for large rooms, in your garage, and outdoors. It’s the best kind of portable heater there is for the price. The swivel carrying handle makes portability swift and effortless. Meanwhile, the adjustable heat angle lets you direct heat wherever you want it.

This heating device adopts a unique electric ignition system which keeps the propane running for longer. Yes, it’s an upgraded propane portable heater with overheat safety features and a durable steel construction base. This space heater can heat up to 1,350 square feet, even when it’s working on its lowest or highest power settings. And as soon as it starts to overheat, the automatic shut-off feature turns the machine off efficiently.


Our Best Budget Pick

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The Honeywell HCE100R Heat Bud is the best personal heating device for most people. It’s also the cheapest and most efficient portable heater on the market. The compact body and intuitive controls of this Heat Bud are enough to keep you company in winter. It comes with 2 heat settings: low at 170 watts and high at 250 watts. These settings are plenty for warming up one person. You can keep this device on your desk or next to your bed while you sleep. The overheat protection is reliable so you do not have to worry about sleeping while the machine is turned on.

The cool touch construction and tip-over switch complement its compact and portable design. It’s even made of flame-resistant materials to ensure safety that fits in any space. This space heater is good for children as much as for adults. So, it’s the best space heater for quick and easy heating.


Our Best Pick for Big Rooms

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The Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space is a robust 1,500 watts large room heater. It has the features to suit commercial spaces too. With the advanced dual heating system and PTC and Quartz infrared heating element. Backed by UL, which is the highest safety standard, this best portable heater is safe around children and pets. The automatic energy-saving mode cuts unnecessary energy bills so you can keep it on for as long as you want. There is an effective cycle mode for maintain the desired temperature in the room it’s kept in. Which means the heating element automatically switches back and forth between high and low heat settings to make you feel comfortable.

The control panel on the front of the space heater makes everything much simpler on the outside as much as on the inside. There’s no exposed heating element either at the top, sides, or base. So, all-in-all, the entire durable construction of the Dr Infrared is cool to touch.


Our Best Pick for Personal Use

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The Honeywell HCE200B Uberheat is a straightforward portable heater. It has 1,500 watts backing up its dual heat settings and 3-year limited warranty. The heater itself looks inviting and sophisticated given its striking black colour and circular design. It’s a ceramic heating device which means it’s cool to tough and comes with an effective thermostat.

This best portable heater is good for small spaces, just like a personal heater. It has a tip-over switch, overheat protection feature, and a cool touch housing. With superior safety standards, the flexible design is ideal for desk use, office use, and for tabletops. You get to save tons of money in energy bills if you just want a portable heater for yourself. This space heater is a super comfy design-friendly heating device which can be tipped over, accidently, by your kid or your pet. Even after that, it doesn’t harm anyone or cause a fire.


Our Best Pick for Quiet Operation

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The Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater is an ETL listed portable heater with a 1,500-watt high heat setting and a 900-watt low heat setting. It even comes with a fan-only option which means you get to set the machine to its lowest warmth setting. This, in addition with the thermostat function lets you have complete control over the temperature in your room. For manual controls, you can use the automatic safety shut-off feature and quiet operation while you’re asleep. Similarly, the carrying handle is good for portability as it allows you to take the heater wherever you go. The Lasko is a well-known brand and this product come with a 3-year limited warranty and an excellent record of customer ratings.

For someone looking for a quiet and full-assembled portable heater, this is the best space heater for you.


Our Best Electric-Powered Pick

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The Broan-NuTone 6201 is an electric portable heater with features that are hard to beat. It’s a simple electric heating device which packs itself into a compact and rugged cube measuring 6-inches to each side. It’s built with steel and aluminium, making it one of the best durable picks for small garages, small rooms, and studio apartments. The rugged base is hard to tip over and offer customized features such as a built-in thermostat and heat settings. You get high, low, and fan-only settings. Plus, the heating element is protected with a metal casing so it is the ideal pick for pets and children.

The best part about this space heater is that you can take it with you everywhere you go. If you work in a small workshop and live the rest of your non-working hours in a studio apartment, the Broan is a good companion to keep with you.


Our Best Oscillation Pick

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The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater is made of fiberglass and a wide oscillating design which makes it super comfortable and effective. The Lasko has both an internal and external heating element to control set ambient temperatures with automatic heat shut-off. The heat shut-off function will warm the area quickly, and with the smart control it will keep the temperature going without compromising on quality or energy efficiency. The top part of the machine comes with button controls and a digital display. You can set the thermostat, timer, and heat settings on the panel display. This Lasko heater is a good oscillation device to keep at home. It works in case of a power backup or outage to keep you warm and cozy on a cold winter night.  


Our Best Vortex Pick

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The Vornado EH1-0095-06 VH10 is our special pick because it features Vortex action technology. The Vortex action helps circulate heat across all corners of the room it’s kept in. The thermostat allows you set the comfortable ambient temperature you want to cozy in. Meanwhile, it has low and high heat settings; both energy efficient to regulate better power consumption without excessively impact your energy bills. The mechanism is swift, accurate, and efficient. The automatic shut-off and tip-over features are the best safety features it offers. The power cord it comes with has a unique 5-year warranty for worry-free use.


Our Best Plastic Pick

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The Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic is personal space heater. It has a plastic design which is durable, rugged, and efficient. It manufactured with non-flammable materials and is ETL-certified for 100% safety. It uses low power, which is more than enough for single-person use. Plus, it’s designed with a tip-over feature and automatic shut-off. So, if you think about it, it’s the perfect solo portable heater for you. If you have pets, you don’t have to worry about leaving this on a tabletop or a desk. The thermostat on this Lasko personal heater is accurate and durable. The ceramic construction has a cool-touch housing and a children and pet-safe heating element.


The Competition

There are many factors you need to take into account when looking for the best portable heater. But before you decide, understanding the key basics of one is very important. For example, if you buy an oil-filled radiator heater, you save more money than using an electric heater. This is because most modern portable radiant heaters come with automatic shut-off and digital thermostat settings to manage the ambient temperatures. As with a Lasko ceramic heater, having a cool-touch housing and energy efficient heat settings helps save excessive power consumption.

With the best portable propane and electric heaters, you can use them as an RV heater, bathroom heater, and room heaters. They have the same high-quality efficiency and performance as the best air conditioners. Provided they come with water-proof and cool-to-touch housing features. The Dr Infrared heater, for example, had advanced dual heating technology and a durable Quartz and PTC heating element. Only after understanding such key basics can you make an informed decision.  


Some Maintenance Tips

Cleaning an electric portable heater

The most common thing consumer worry about when it comes to taking care of the best space heaters is getting rid of dust. Regular use can cause dirt, debris, and other dust particles to build up and clog the internal components of the heater. This can lead to reduced performance, odors, and fire hazards. Here’s what you can do to get rid of dust: (9)

  1. Make sure the heater is turned off and the plug removed from the electric outlet before you proceed with the following steps. The machine needs to cool down completely before you can inspect the parts for debris.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface. You can also use a sponge to wipe the surface clean. Make sure the surface is completely dry before proceeding.
  3. The heater cover is secure with screws which you can remove by a screw-driver easily. You compressed air duster to spray into the interiors of the heater to get rid of all the dry debris and dust particles. In case the heater is without cover, you can use compressed air on the inflow vents of the machine.
  4. Use a low-speed vacuum cleaner with a brush to remove all stubborn dust particles from the interior. Make sure you do not target the wires or heating element of the heater.
  5. Lastly, close the cover after vacuuming it and close the cover shut. Wipe down the surface with a damp sponge once more and let it dry completely.
  6. Allow the machine to dry completely before switching it on again.

Cleaning a gas-powered portable heater

Maintaining a gas-powered heating machine is more complicated than you think. For some models, you might need professional assistance to promote superior efficient performance. Moving forward, make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual for cleaning instruction. Here’s the general run-through of maintaining non-electric space heaters:

  1. Make sure the heater is turned off. The machine needs to cool down completely before you can proceed with the following steps.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the all surfaces of the machine.
  3. Compressed air, processed from a best air compression device, is good enough to blow air through all vents, nozzles, and ports of the machine. Make sure you’re at least 2-3 inches away from the slots while vacuuming the machine.
  4. In the model comes with adjustable filters, you must hire a professional to come clean them for you. Sometimes, the filters need to be replaced rather than cleaned in a gas-powered heating machine.
  5. If there’s any trouble with the gas connections such as natural gas or propane liquid tank, call for a professional gas fitter for further assistance. He or she will clean the machine’s hose and gas connection equipment with the help of specialized tools.
  6. With a fan-powered model, clean the surface of each fan legs with a damp microfiber cloth or a sponge and allow it to get dry before switching it on.

If at any point during cleaning the machine, you notice the heater is emitting a strange noise or smell, contact a professional immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best type of portable heater to buy when I want to warm up the room quickly and efficiently?
  2.  There are many types of best space heaters such as a garage heaters, kerosene heater, baseboard heater, fireplace heater, wall heater, a battery operated heater, ceramic heater, and oil filled radiant heater. Among them all, a micathermic heater is the best possible choice for quick and efficient performance.

Our research indicates that the best electric space heater is good when you want to heat the air in a room quickly. A conventional device is a convection model which comes in a flatter panel and has horizontal temperature layers for even air distribution. Make sure the convection model you’re buying has a Micathermic panel as mineral mica material absorbs and distributes heat faster and more efficiently. There’s a higher possibility of your room warming up faster than usual if the portable heater is one of those durable fan-powered Micathermic heaters. The fan evenly distributes the air around the room.

However, one drawback to using heaters with fans is that the movement of the fan can get noisy. But if you have a couple of people over and need to heat up the room, only a best portable heater with a fan can get the job done. An alternative to the noisy fan would be to install a ceiling fan and place it right on top of the heater, so it distributes air evenly across the room. Make sure you set the ceiling fan at the lowest speed setting.

If you do not have enough space for a ceiling fan, a pedestal fan or window fan would also work; given that it’s kept close to the portable heater.

  1. What are the safety standards for a portable heater?
  2. There numerous safety standards or certifications for portable heaters, both electric and gas-powered. This includes manufacturing, performance, and energy efficiency standards for space heaters.

UL, Underwriters Laboratories, is a global safety standard for such technologies. It is responsible for developing the appropriate tests, equipment, and hazard testing for heaters. It also serves under numerous fire protection association standards to ensure better manufacturing and inspections of household and commercial appliances. It has expanded its organization into being responsible for the manufacturing and testing of all heating and cooling appliances, its performance testing, air quality, and the use of hazardous substances. It also includes environmental sustainability to promote energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR is a program under Environmental Protection Agency which promotes maximum energy efficiency in appliances. All energy efficient electric heaters fall under this category. Which means without ENERGY STAR certification, no space heater can be labelled safe for energy efficient use. It is also managed by the U.S. Department of Energy to help the environment and help consumers save money through superior energy efficiency. You will find the label ENERGY STAR service mark on many appliances such as on computers, a best portable air conditioner, refrigerators, etc. It takes into account all kinds of electric failures in devices and potential damages caused by electrical shock, vibration, moisture, dust, and power spikes on electric appliances. By analysing appliances and carrying out multiple performance tests, the conclusion is reduced power bills and a satisfied consumer experience. Under such ratings, your portable heater’s heating bill is significantly reduced without you restricting the use of it.

According to its website, heating and cooling appliances under ENERGY STAR ratings are 10% more efficient than non-ENERGY STAR rated appliances. (10)

  1. What can I do to make my heater more energy efficient?
  2. A useful portable heater, when placed and use efficiently, is enough to reduce heating bills and increase the shelf life of the model. Here’s how you can ensure better energy efficiency for your best portable heater:

Placement is important: Unlike a portable air conditioner, a portable space heater needs consistent air flow to run without clogging or any sort of restriction in the heating element or the exhaust. This means a heater turns cold air into hot, especially an electric fan one. Hence, fan heaters come with inflow vents either at the top or bottom of the model. Some models have inflow vents at the back. So, positioning your portable heater far away from a wall on either side of the body is important. Avoid sticking the heater to the wall. Convection heaters can be placed anywhere in the room for as long as there’s enough air circulation on all 4 sides of the heater.

Oil- filled heaters or gas-powered heaters should be placed in the middle of the room or at least far away from the walls. If your heater has castor wheels, you can move the heater toward the wall once the room is properly heated.   

Note: Do not keep the portable heater near curtains, bedding, books, or any such sensitive materials. If you have multiple electric baseboard heaters, make sure they have enough ventilation to keep dust and moisture away.

Portable heaters are lightweight: Since they are lighter in construction, it’s highly likely that the heating device will fall over especially when placed on a flat surface. This can put the heating device and the house at risk of catching fire. If the best portable heater you buy doesn’t have a tip-over feature or a castor wheel lock to hold it in its place at the base, you should buy one separately. So, you can leave the heating device unattended without worrying about it tipping over or coming into contact with flammable materials while switched on.

Do not use an extension cord: An extension cord is a bad idea when you want to extend the power cord to move the portable heater around in other rooms. It could damage the heating element and impact the energy efficiency consumption of the model. (11)

  1. Does the best portable space heater emit carbon monoxide?
  2. This is an important thing to know for people suffering from allergies. If you have children and/or pets around, knowing what kind of substances portable space heaters emit is necessary for their overall health and well-being. Whether you’re using space heaters with propane tanks or a ceramic heater or an infrared space heater; just like a portable room air conditioner, the best space heaters must meet air quality requirements.

According to latest studies, conventional portable space heaters emit carbon monoxide which is a colorless and odorless gas. For example if an electric baseboard heater delivers incomplete combustion of liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels during heating, it produces carbon monoxide. This gas can also be produced if the portable electric heater isn’t installed or configured properly. But as with an energy efficient electric heater or infrared space heaters, this is not the case anymore. It comes with accurate Carbon Monoxide toxic level alarms that instantly shut-off the device as soon as the emission of carbon monoxide is detected. Regardless of the type of space heater, be it an electric baseboard heater or any other electric portable heaters, carbon monoxide poisoning is possible.

Here are some of the common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent and sharp headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Difficult in breathing
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Blurry vision
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting

Severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can also lead to cardiac arrest, seizures, or even death. However, earlier symptoms of this condition should be enough to alarm you to take your space heater for combustion inspection. More often than not, a failure in proper combustion can lead to excess carbon monoxide emission. This can be controlled and prevented using an energy efficient portable space heater with oxygen level sensors and an adjustable thermostat. Plus, having automatic safety features can also help reduce traces of carbon monoxide since the appliance will shut itself down as soon as it detects carbon monoxide emission in the room it’s in. (12)

Carbon monoxide is a hazardous compound which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if exposed to for a very long time. Breathing in this gas can harm all parts of the body including the brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. If you have a heart condition, you’re at a greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This also applies to children, older adults, and pregnant women. Carbon monoxide is found mostly in space heaters that use kerosene or gaseous fuels as their power source. However, with newer models in electric heaters, propane space heater, radiant heaters, etc. measuring their oxygen level with the help of oxygen sensors is possible. This helps reduce carbon monoxide emissions and save the environment. (13)

To make sure your portable space heater is environmentally-friendly in such a way to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Make sure that while installing best space heater, you follow the professional instructions given by the manufacturer of the model. The best space heaters come with clear manual instructions for consumers, so they do not have to rely on a professional to get the job done.
  2. If there are certain vents, especially for fan-forced heaters, that need to be installed, make sure the machine is vented properly. This also includes ensuring proper combustion and oxygen air sensors.
  3. For maintenance: Always contact a professional technician to come service your space heater. Doing this step all by yourself isn’t the smartest thing to do as a professional electrician or technician knows more about combustion vents, radiant heaters, infrared technology, and other types of space heating better than you do. A technician looks at the adjustable thermostat settings, automatic safety features, etc. to make sure the appliance is working well.
  4. Make sure the technician checks for blockages, corrosion, or any other connections that may have become loose with time. For the best space heaters, consistent maintenance is ideal.
  5. If it’s a gas heater, make sure the technician cleans out the vents and inspects the propane tanks for proper operation.

The prevention of carbon monoxide can be treated right away with separate CO detectors and an air quality monitor. An air quality monitor addresses the indoor air quality of a room while keeping the humidity in check. You want something that measures carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and temperature. And that’s precisely what an air quality monitor does.


Wrapping it Up

If you want the best energy efficient portable heaters, this is the guide you need to rely on. However, you quickly want to buy the best propane tank space heater, go for the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX. It beats the most energy efficient electric heater too! It helps lower your energy bills and is one of the best portable space heaters for the family. It’s also the best outdoor heating device to have at a reasonable price. If you have an RV, or need a heater for camping, this is your ticket.