Best Tool Box


The DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK is our pick for the best tool box, which can be conveniently stacked to other tstak modules, making it a greatly usable and functional container for most large tools and the like. It can be used for easy & comfortable lifting due to the ergonomic design. It can carry your cordless drill, impact, and bit sets with its 17 inches of space, as well as other commonly needed tools, secured in the durable side latches.

Our step-up pick is the Work Cooler 17-Quart and it is so durable that you can even sit on it, because of the fact that it even supports seating capacity up to 300 lbs. It is both a lunch box and a tool box and it can easily accommodate 1 liter water bottles for your work items and necessities such as phone and other emergency items. If you store ice then it will remain cold inside for a long time.

The budget pick is the Stanley 028001L 28-Inch and it is so because of its 28-inch size. It can also work well with various items due to the durable thermoplastic resin and flake mica build. In addition to that, the whole thing is also water-resistant so you can be carrying power tools without feeling inadequate in the rain. It can carry most medium to large items and has sturdy hinges and latches.

A Little Background

A tool box is a working item container that is used by many professions. The working item container can be used by a carpenter for keeping your items in the right place. They are used by wood workers, electricians and anyone who is working in the labor sector and DIY repairs, such as home repairs. The working item container is greatly important to them because they hold the essentials for making the repairs or the DIY work wherever they go.

The carpenter or wood worker is usually the one that is found with a tool box. The carpenter or woodworker’s job is to make repairs onto woodworking and furniture and table working. If they need to repair or assemble anything at hand. The working item container may contain wood working items such as a hammer, some nails, a tape measure, a level, some chisels and many other items that can be used for DIY repairs as well.

It is a chest that can be kept in a truck, and is of heavy duty if made of metal. There are different kinds, such as a roller cabinet, those with ball bearing, and some can be in the form of a tool bag. Every craftsman can find these tool organizers very helpful. Some are lightweight and made of aluminum as well.

Electricians will also usually have their own working item container. The job of an electrician is to make sure that the electricity in any home will be safe as much as possible. This includes the fact that they need the working item container to handle and carry the items that they will need, such as screwdrivers, wrenches and many more. All of them can have various different kinds depending on the intended purpose for the electrician or repairman.

The screwdrivers can have different sizes and shapes and so would the wrenches, depending on the kind of item or appliance that they need to work on, and where they should work on. The working item container can help house them so that they will not get misplaced. A properly organized working item container can make any electrician or repairman much more organized so that he or she can do the job perfectly and with less mistakes or missing items.

With that said, anyone at home can have a tool box. It is not just the carpenter, the woodworker or the electrician, or even the repairman, who can have the working item container. Basically, anyone who has a passion for DIY or do it yourself work may might as well get themselves the working item container and the set of tools that may come along with it, or you can purchase them separately from your local hardware store.

Any do-it-yourself work can be hastened with a well organized working item container. The working item container can have pockets and dividers so that any DIYer or do-it-yourselfer person can help themselves be more organized and focus more on the task ahead rather than just having to arrange their supplies that are contained within the working item container. There can be many designs to choose from, but you should choose a good working item container that has function over style.

The important tools that you can find in this kind of working item container include a hammer, some wrenches, some screwdrivers, a saw, a drill and a measuring tape among others. The hammer is for hammering nails while the wrenches and screwdrivers are for the nuts and bolts. The saw is mostly for wood but there are special saws that can be okay for plastic and some metal. You should know if your saw is okay for both.

The measuring tape and level can be used to determine the correct measurement and level of any work. The drill can help speed up putting holes and fastening together different pieces of equipment or boards. The working item container can usually house them all, but that depends on the size of your working item container, and the number of items that you want to fit in. For example, power tools can take a lot of space in your item container.

A sturdy tool box must be able to withstand the test of time in order to make sure that your tools will be protected as much as possible. The important thing to know if you want to have a working item container is that if it is durable in terms of material and if it is ergonomically designed for you to make it easier to carry.

Some of these toolboxes can be too heavy and can wear you down, but if you find the right heaviness and durability for your tools, the working item container can give you a better return of investment in your field of work.

How we Picked

In choosing the best tool box, you have to know the following:

Size of the tool box: the working item container is usually measured in width, from 15 to 50 inches and more. The size of the container is important depending on how many items you want to fit in. Will you be fitting power tools? Will you need something to organize other items as well such as nails and screws? If so then you might need a bigger box for that matter.

Materials used: the working item container can either be made of plastic material (usually ABS) or metal or steel for heavy duty purposes. A durable working item container should be okay to withstand the test of time, but it should also not be too heavy in case you need to carry it over to another place or area of work. This is important for any DIY person or anyone who is working remotely as they carry the working item container.

Handle style: the handle of the working item container should be ergonomic to hold for long hours of travel, especially if you have to carry really heavy stuff in there. A comfortable handle for your working item container is important so that you can carry the working item container anywhere and anytime without feeling too stressed and strained.

Number of drawers: the number of drawers in the working item container can be from 1 to 13 or more depending on your needs. The working item container should have a considerable number of drawers based on what kind of items you want to fit inside. For instance, there should be drawers for nails, screws, screwdrivers and the like, if you happened to need those most of the time, and in various shapes and sizes as well for your container.

Color: the color of the working item container may sound like unimportant but it does help to have a working item container or toolbox that can be easily used or distinguished within darker areas with its luminescent color.

Accessibility: there are some working item containers that have wheels or even larger handles to make it look like a rolling bag that can be used for when you frequently travel from one place to another with a lot of tools at hand.

Capacity: the working item container can be classified in terms of capacity usually by quarts, in which most can be 17 quarts, but again, that depends on the length, width and height of the working item container.

Our Pick

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The DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK  is our top pick, which is a heavy duty unit that is backed by rust resistant metal latches so that it can withstand the test of time. Also, there are durable side latches to keep your items safe in the sturdy and spacious compartments that are included in this item. It can also be stacked to other tstak modules as a container that can carry a variety of tools, along with the bi-material handle on top.

In general, it feels pretty tight and secure and it can be used for easy and comfortable lifting while maintaining an extra large volume for any kind of item, such as screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches and many other large items. It can be easy maintaining multiple toolboxes with this kind of unit and it can house other commonly needed tools as well.

Moreover, this storage top organizer measures 17 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 13 1/4 inches so it is quite spacious with enough fixed dividers for organization purposes. For those who do computer repairs or for anyone needing to store drills and bits or let alone keep a whole drill kit, such as a cordless drill, impact, and bit sets, this is a good choice. With a long handle, this unit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK might not be great for those who are looking for a non-plastic tool box (and they want metal ones instead).

Step-up Pick

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The Work Cooler 17-Quart  is our step-up pick, which keeps cool up to 30 hours. It can be used to keep your most used hand items used in construction and in fact, it is so durable that you can even sit on it. The whole thing supports seating capacity up to 300 lbs so it is a comfortable and usable item that is functional, in which the main compartment is 17 quarts. For accessibility, the lid opens full 180 degrees.

It has an 18 can capacity and it can remain cold inside if with ice. Also, the hinged lid is recessed so it is easy to open to access and carry lunch, medicine, your own phone and anything else into this storage compartment. It can also keep most utensils and other emergency supplies like your keys and even some napkins.

In addition to that, the whole thing can also accommodate 1 liter water bottles and it can access and hold items. It can also stay open at 90 degrees so it gives accessibility, and is durable due to the no rust stainless steel.

Budget Pick

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The Stanley 028001L 28-Inch is our budget pick, which is made out of structural foam so it is quite durable. It is also at 28 inches for its total size and has a deep black color that is made for rugged use. What’s more, it has a patented water seal to keep your items as dry as possible. You can possible fit in medium to large items in this container.

It also has many convenient locking possibilities and it also successfully features a v-groove track. You can be easily carrying power tools with this easy to use and portable container. It also comes with a half tray, which provides the easy carrying of heavy loads. It is also a greatly water-resistant must-have for all professionals out there due to the construction of thermoplastic resin and flake mica.

You can put in lumber and pipes with no problem and the metal closures on both sides are very protective. What’s more, the handles on each end can also keep things intact. It can fit any battery powered drill and accessories with no issue with the hinges and latches as the hinges seem to be strong overall with this tool box.

Best Tool Box made of Steel

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The Excel TB137-Red 1-Tray  is a steel made quality material container that can be used for construction that makes it easy for you to carry just about anything. Being a durable and portable designed compartment, it has been given a powder coat paint for scratch and chemical resistance so that it can withstand the test of time when being used for other jobs. It has a lockable latch and has a total size of 16.9 x 7 x 7.2 inches.

With one removable tray for you to easily organize your stuff for construction and the like, it’s thickness is at the medium size so it is pretty good with both durability and ease of lifting, being made from cold rolled steel. It also has a removable metal tray to make it easy for you to access your items.

In addition to that, the industrial powder coat paint finish gives it protection against corrosion, and you can even put a small padlock on it for protection.

Best Tool Box made of Plastic

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The Waterloo Portable Series  is a good choice if you want something that has been designed with a plastic construction and has been engineered and assembled properly with its design. In addition to the basic design, the removable plastic tote tray can help you to put together and organize small parts and tools that you may need depending on the situation ahead. The size we are talking about is at 14 inches but there are also other sizes.

With a comfort-grip handle for you to have it easily carried with one hand, it makes it easy for you to take it to another place with minimal effort. What’s more, it also has a flush top for easy stacking  as well as storing. High-impact polypropylene has been used for adding protection while the dimensions measure 14 x 8 x 6.2 inches overall. It has a 1 year limited warranty to back it up.

Best Tool Box made of Wood

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If you want something that is made out of wood, the TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood can be your great choice. It has a total of 8 pull-out drawers for you to easily organize your items, while the silicone feet can greatly prevent scratching surfaces wherever you put the organizer on. In addition to that, the front lid conceals drawers when you have latched it in place and when you open it, it can fold down and stow away under drawers.

You can put in various accessories onto the container and it can be useful for a person who has a hobby involving small items. It is made with nickel plated side handles and is made with good hardware to make it last long. What’s more, its corners are constructed in a way that will not damage your item, as the felt-lined interior provides extra protection for items, making it fitting for gunsmith work on a bench.

Best Tool Box with a Semi-Clear Design

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The Akro-Mils 09514 CFT has a semi-clear design and it is still highly durable despite the plastic build. It can help you to maintain accurate inventories in your workplace and it is easy to use overall. It is an innovative storage solution that measures 14 x 8 1/8 x 8 1/8 inches and it has a large top tray that clearly optimizes space. And in addition to that, to add to security, there is a steel latch with oversized padlock.

You can be able to carry fully loaded boxes without a problem with the Akro-Mils 09514 CFT because of the fact that it is very secure and roomy. It is also easy to carry around due to the fold down handle for storage purposes, meaning that the handle is comfortable.

Overall, it can be used for organization and transport products – even for miscellaneous art supplies and the like. Bearing a secure grip, the whole thing is chemical resistant and can act as a first aid kit container for emergencies.

Best Tool Box for Sewing

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If you like sewing and would like to have a sturdy one that works great for tools, supplies and more. In addition to that, it has a riveted nickel-plated catch to make it durable against opening and damages. There is also a 7-compartment removable tote tray to make it easier for you to arrange your stuff and the like. As for the inner capacity, it has a total width of 13 inches overall.

For tools and small parts that you may want to keep and arrange properly, this is a good container that may do the job better than others. It comes with a tray, which also includes easy scoop compartments for small parts for ease of accessibility. You can also keep it in your car as a kit, and it is also a fully lockable compartment with a padlock eye to make sure that your items stay safe all the time.

Best Tool Box with Wheels

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If you want something that has wheels then you can try the Stanley 020800R FatMax, which has a mechanism made of a tiered cantilever system that easily allows easy access to a total of four storage areas simultaneously. This is a good mechanism for you to have if you have to access many things at the same time at the time of your job or work. Being made out of durable structural foam construction, this protects your items further.

There is also a telescopic handle for easily controlling it whenever you want it to be in terms of direction. What’s more, the ball bearing slides as smooth as can be for the best kind of operation for your job or work even under heavy load.

There is also a good way to open it and close it for security due to the easy latch system with a push to close feature for ease of use. There is also a large front latch to keep your items safe with a lock.

Best Tool Box with Dividers

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The VonHaus Very Small is a cool choice for those who want something with dividers. It is a utility box that can be used for various purposes and is coupled with storage drawers for better organization. You can basically use it for storing tools, such as small nuts and bolts. It has a total size of 10.9 x 10.1 x 6.9 inches so it will be quite roomy with a total of four drawers with dividers.

All of the dividers are also adjustable and you will be able to make from 3 up to a total of 13 compartments in just one go. It is also made with durable and strong plastic that, in terms of design, has a fold up front.

Moreover, there is easy portability because of the inclusion of the ergonomic carry handle. It can be used for other supplies other than crafts and DIY work, such as for fishing  and others that require small parts. There is also a locking clip for added security.

The Competition

There were other working item containers that did not make it to our list because they lacked durability and were also not that good in terms of storing and organizing because they did not have a lot of drawers. Having drawers is important to keep your working item container together to keep your items well organized.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a working item container?

A: The working item container is a kind of container that can be used to help you organize your items better. It is mainly used by carpenters, woodworkers, electricians, mechanics and the like. It houses most hand working items and power working items such as hammers, screwdrivers, saws, drills and wrenches. They come in all shapes and sizes but they also depend on how many working items you need to fit inside.

Q: What are the common DIY working items?

A: DIY working items are important aspects of woodworking, carpentry, electrician work, mechanical work and many others. DIY working items can also be used at home. Here are the most common DIY working items that you can work with:

Hammer Also known as the claw hammer, this is the most common type of hammer that you can use to drive nails or even pull them out with the lever at the back.
Wrench Also known as the adjustable wrench, it is what you can use to either loosen or tighten a bolt or nut. It is usually made with quality stainless steel or metal and can be adjusted due to the jaw mechanism.
Locking pliers This is a kind of pliers that is made for nuts and fixtures. Unlike the wrench, it is a pair of pliers and has locking mechanisms to make sure that your nut is locked into place when you turn it.
Combination pliers This one is the typical kind of pliers that is like a pair of scissors, which can be used to hold or pull something out of anything. The working item usually has a rubber grip to add ergonomics and stability to the user.
Flashlight Also known as a work light in most cases, it can be used if you are working in the dark or if what you are working on has big areas that are too dark to see even in your regular lighting scheme.
Nail set This is a kind of unique working item that is not always included in most DIY kits, but it is essential if you want to press the nail heads way below the surface level of your wood or material, so that it does not protrude and hurt others with injury.
Awl This is a kind of working item that looks like a screwdriver, but with a light bulb shaped handle. You can use this to find studs whenever you work on some ceilings or woodworking. It can also be used as a marker for any job whatsoever.
Flat head screwdriver This is a kind of screwdriver that is basically its name – having a flat tip or flat head. It can be used in screws that have a single slot.
Cross headed or Phillips head screwdriver Relatively known as the Phillips head screwdriver, this working item is also a common type of screwdriver and has a cross head instead of just a flat head. Hence, it works for cross headed screws.
Utility blade or NT cutter Mostly used in arts and crafts and projects, this can also be used in some DIY instances when you are working in thinner materials like Styrofoam and the like.
Putty knife Also known as the scrapper, it can be used to remove loose or flaky paint or coatings. It has a flat head and looks like a flat spatula.
Tape measure The tape measure for DIY working items is unlike the tape measure used by tailors and dressmakers. This one is wound inside a retractable case and can be locked as needed.
Chisel Chisels can be used by woodworkers as well as carpenters. They are mostly used for finishing touches for furniture and anything that looks antique.
Assorted screws and nails You can keep them in a container and they should all be of different sizes and shapes. They are mostly measured in either inches or centimeters, whichever unit is used in your country or area.
Level The level is a kind of working item that is used for determining the flatness of the surface and if it is I the right level for positioning. It is used for usually setting a guideline, either horizontally or vertical.
Tapes These can come in either electrical tape or plumber’s tape. Both these tapes can be used for both electricity projects as well as for plumbing projects.
Safety gear Safety gear include glasses, work gloves and dust masks. These can help protect your eyes, your respiratory system and your hands from harsh chemicals and debris of various materials.
Drill The drill is used to drive holes onto a surface such as wood, metal or plastic. It can either be corded or cordless depending on your preferences.
Step ladder or stool This one can be used to reach higher places for making repairs and the like. They can usually be adjustable but most are just stationary.

Q: What are the common electrician’s working items?

A: You will most likely find the following working items from an electrician:

  1. Pliers – the pliers are used for cutting wires and the like. They have a rubber grip and they can also vary in size and in shape, as well as sharpness for specific gauges of wire.
  2. Tape measure – this is a DIY working item that is also found in most electrician’s working item container. The tape measure is used for measuring things like distances and sizes of any component or item.
  3. Hammer – the hammer is used for hammering or driving nails onto specific areas or surfaces, such as wood, metal or plastic. It is sometimes needed by electricians.
  4. Screwdrivers – screwdrivers can come in either flat tips or Phillips types, both of which are greatly needed for removing components as well as attaching them back when finished.
  5. Wire stripper – the wire stripper is a kind of machine or working item that allows you to strip the wire of its inner metal workings such as copper, lead and the like.
  6. Level – the level, as needed by carpenters as well, is a kind of working item that lets you know the straightness of an item or object whether it is on horizontal or vertical in terms of position.
  7. Multimeter – this is a kind of working item that is used by electricians and in the field of electronics to know specific amperages, currents and voltages of objects or appliances.
  8. Drill – in most cases, the drill can also be used for drilling holes into specific metal and steel components in order to add attachments using a bolt, nut or screw.

Q: What are the common carpenter or woodworker’s working items?

A: A woodworker may have the following working items at hand:

Claw hammer The claw hammer is important for using and driving the proper nail for woodworking to easily drive nails. In addition to that, this kind of working item is also easily manipulated when you want to retract nails again.
Utility knife The utility knife is mostly used for mortising and cleaning. Some of them use disposable blades and they can be retracted as needed.
Tape measure This can help you look into the measurement variations in your current project or material.
Moisture meter This kind of working item has pins that penetrate the surface of your working material, which is wood. There are also those that do not have pins. They detect the moisture levels in your project or woodwork.
Chisel The chisel is what shapes your wood. Some of them have different shapes and sizes depending on the kind of material you will want to work on.
Level The level measures the horizontal and vertical alignment of your project.
Screwdriver Some carpenters will need a screwdriver to attached screws to certain equipment or furniture, or any woodworking project.
T-bevel Also known as sliding bevel, it is good for marking certain angles in your project.
Nails The nails can come in sets of different lengths and sizes for various projects.
Layout square Also known as the combination square, it can help you to make square cuts in your project or woodworking item.

Q: Why should I have a working item container?

A: A working item container is needed because of the following purposes:

  1. It is needed to keep your working items safe from getting damaged.
  2. Keeping a working item container makes your things more organized.
  3. You will know where to get your most needed working items.
  4. For inventory purposes – knowing how many nails or screws have is important.

Q: What are some misconceptions with hammers?

A: A hammer could have certain misconceptions, such as the following:

“There is only one kind of hammer.” There are many kinds of hammers:

1. Claw hammers for regular nails

2. Brick hammers for bricks

3. Ball peen hammers for chisels

“Heavier hammers work better.” You would have to put too much effort into carrying the hammer, hence it might not be that effective if you exert too little energy because it is too heavy.
“Pulling off a nail with a hammer head is easy.” It’s not – you have to bend the hammer from side to side in order to give more force for the hammer to pull out the nail, in actual reality.
“Hand sledges are better than dead blow hammers.” They are built for two different jobs. A dead blow hammer is ideal for delivering a heavy blow to things you want to destroy, but a hand sledge is ideal for using for a chisel.
“Electrician hammers are a waste of money.” They’re not, if you are an electrician. Electricians who work on electrical containers need this kind of hammer for its safety features.
“There is no use for the ball part of the peen hammer.” Actually, the ball part of the peen hammer does have a use, such as for spreading out metal.

Q: Which working item should be manual and which should be powered?

A: Manual working items and power working items have their own pros and cons, such as the following, which is up to you to decide:

The pros of manual working items:

  1. They are less costly
  2. They are good for advanced workers
  3. They can be quite durable

The cons of manual working items:

  1. They take a long learning curve
  2. They can be dangerous when mishandled
  3. They are not as powerful as power working items

The pros of power working items:

  1. They are easier to learn for beginners
  2. They usually have more safety features
  3. They can be powerful as compared to manual working items

The cons of power working items:

  1. They are more expensive
  2. They may not be the best for experts who need customization
  3. Some may not be as durable as manual working items

Q: What are the different kinds of power working items?

A: The most common types of power working items are:

Drill The power drill is used for driving holes for inserting screws and the like.
Chainsaw The chainsaw can cut really large lumber and wood easily.
Joiner The joiner can join two pieces of wood together, and is used in woodworking.
Sander The sander can help sand and smoothen your woodworking.
Saw Different from a chainsaw, this one is mainly used to cut wood.
Torque wrench This one is mostly using compressed air or pneumatic power to turn certain bolts and nuts, such as for the wheels of a car or vehicle.

Q: What are the different kinds of drills?

A: The drill is a kind of power working item that is mainly used to drill holes onto surfaces like wood, metal or plastic. Instead of using a hammer and a nail to fasten some objects, drills and screws are used or combined with nuts and bolts to keep the foundation stronger.

There are specific drill bits (the piece that spins rapidly in the power working item) that are made specifically for metal, while others are okay for wood. There are also ones that are meant to be used for cement, concrete or drywall applications. Here are the different kinds of drills and their uses:

  1. Hammer drill – this one is used for various materials except concrete or cement. It can be used for wood, some stone, metal and some forms of masonry. It is your regular drill that uses average drill bits of various sizes.
  2. SDS drill – this one is a special type of drill that is especially great for concrete, stone and masonry material. It is a good choice for those who often work with really tough material unlike with the hammer drill.
  3. Cordless drill – this kind of working item is great for both wood and metal but may not do well with concrete. It can some masonry but it depends. They are cordless because they are battery powered, but they may not be as powerful as the other drills and are intended for light use in general.

Q: What are the different kinds of hammers?

A: The hammer is a kind of working item that is basically used to hammer a nail into place onto any surface such as wood. In other cases, a hammer may also be used for doing other things, such as separating the nail from the wood or sometimes for destroying or demolishing smaller structures like cracked wood walls. Hammers can be heavy so it takes some power to use it. They are one of the most common hand working items out there.

Here are the different kinds of hammers:

Claw hammer The most popular type of hammer which is used for general nail driving.
Ball pein Best for manipulating rivets and shaping metal in general.
Straight and cross pein Ideal for both metalworking, especially shaping metal, but in unique angles.
Club hammer Mostly ideal for light demolition jobs as well as for masonry.
Cross pein pin Ideal for use with cabinet making and joining as well.
Sledgehammer Greatly popular for breaking up concrete walls and stones.
Joiner’s mallet Usually made of wood and can be used for chisels.
Brick hammer Ideal for brick splitting or for breaking certain bolsters.
Soft faced hammer This one is made for fixing chrome parts of a material.

Q: What are the different kinds of screwdrivers?

A: The screwdriver is the kind of working item that is specifically used for loosening or tightening screws and the like. There are many sizes of screwdrivers out there that you can choose, depending on the size of the screw or item that you want to use it on. For DIY repairmen who often work on electronics and small items, they should have smaller sized ones that are fit for the job and for the other tasks ahead of them.

There are different kinds of screwdrivers:

  1. Slot head or flat tip – has a flat head with a single horizontal or vertical line.
  2. Phillips head – has a cross shaped head on its tip.
  3. Allen wrench – has a hexagon shape on the tip.
  4. Torx drive – a specially designed screwdriver with a 6-point star shape.
  5. Robertston – a specially designed screwdriver with a square tip.

Q: What are the different kinds of pliers?

A: Various pliers can have various purposes, like the following:

Cutting pliers Ideal for cutting wire and similar materials.
Long nose pliers Ideal for handling very thin or smaller types of wires.
Insulated pliers Ideal for electricians and live electricity to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Q: What are the different kinds of wrenches?

A: The wrench is a mechanism or working item that can loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. The wrench can be in small or big sizes depending on the size that is needed for the bolts and nuts. There is also an adjustable part of the wrench that gives its ability to adjust to almost any relative size of nut or bolt in the item, machine, appliance or object that you are working on.

Without this working item, you will be left with loose nuts and bolts, which can cause accidents along the way, because the human torque is usually not enough to do the job. The different kinds of wrenches include the following:

  1. Combination wrench – has two ends, in which one end has a circular design and the other is open ended like a regular wrench. It can be used for various nuts and bolts.
  2. Open end wrench – both of the ends have an open ended design, and are ideal for those with narrower bolts and nuts.
  3. Allen wrench – also known as the Allen key wrench or hex wrench, this one takes the shape of l-shaped or t-shaped mechanisms that are specifically used for putting together furniture.
  4. Socket wrench – these are used for certain types of bolts and nuts, such as for automotives. It is also known as the ratchet wrench. These sockets can help in certain situations.
  5. Adjustable wrench – this is the adjustable version of the open end wrench, in which the clamp or crescent part can be adjusted as needed.

Q: What materials can make up a working item container?

A: There are mostly two kinds of materials used for making a working item container:

Plastic Plastic is lightweight and easier to carry if you have power working items. However, if the plastic is not durable then it could potentially get destroyed easily.
Metal Metal is very good for durability but if it is not taken care of in terms of corrosion then it can also get destroyed. It is also usually heavy to carry from one place to another.

Q: How do you stay safe on a DIY garage job?

A: If you work on a DIY garage job, especially with power working items, you need to know about the following safety tips:

  1. Always read the user’s manual of the working item before using.
  2. Don’t carry the power working item by the cord itself.
  3. Always wear protective gear when handling such power working items.
  4. Have a clamp or vise for holding items when you use power working items.
  5. Don’t pull the cord itself when disconnecting your working item.
  6. Make sure you clean and maintain your working items from time to time.
  7. Lubricate your working items as required by the manufacturer.
  8. Maintain a good position when you are handling the power working item.
  9. Keep your power working items away from excessive heat.
  10. Keep your hands off the working item switch when not currently using.

Q: What does a tape measure do and who uses it?

A: Tape measures are ways to help measure what item that you have. It also enables you to make marks on the item before cutting it, so that you will know where to precisely cut to for a good finish. A tape measure is used for the following professions:

Carpenters A carpenter can use this for measuring wood and anything that the person will need to cut off and lay down for a project.
Tailors and dressmakers Those in the sewing business often use it to measure the fabrics that will be used for garments or items of clothing.
Surveying Surveyors will also need the tape measure when measuring the total land area of a landscape or property.

Q: What does a level do?

A: A level, also known as a bubble level, is a kind of working item that is used for measuring the horizontal or vertical position of an object or item. It also has different variations, such as:

  1. Torpedo level
  2. Container beam level
  3. I-bean level
  4. Post level
  5. Cross check level
  6. Line level
  7. Circular level
  8. Pocket level

Q: What are the different kinds of saws?

A: The saw is a kind of mechanism or working item that is used to cut anything such as wood, plastic or metal. It is usually used for wood – however, there are also other types of saws out there. Also, there is a manual saw and a power saw. The manual one is ideal for DIY projects and is cheaper, while the electric powered one is usually ideal for commercial use or for woodworking purposes with deadlines and precision purposes.

Here are some of the most commonly used saw types:

Basic hand saw The typical working item that is used to cut down most wood planks.
Hack saw It has a c-frame and the thinner jagged teeth is on the c-frame itself. Some can cut through plastic while others can be good for metal as well.
Japanese saw This is a specially shaped saw that is ideal for dense wood. It looks similar to a spatula.
Coping saw Similar to the hack saw, it usually has interchangeable blades, which makes it different.
Jigsaw The jigsaw is usually a power working item and can cut perfectly in a straight line.
Circular saw This one uses a circular blade in order to cut through various kinds of lumber and materials.
Table saw Used mostly by expert crafters, table saws are whole table mechanisms that are ideal for industrial purposes.
Band saw Also good for table work and woodworking, this one  is a lot quieter than other power saws out there.
Miter saw The miter saw is ideal for cutting 45 degrees to 90 degrees of angles.
Oscillating saw This is a new kind of power saw that can be used for making precision cuts.

Q: What are some common sewing must-haves in a working item container?

A: The most common sewing working items include the following:

  1. scissors
  2. seam ripper
  3. tailor’s chalk
  4. ruler
  5. thread
  6. needle
  7. thimble and needle threader
  8. pins and pincushion
  9. tape measure
  10. tracing wheel

Q: What are some common fishing must-haves in a working item container or chest?

A: Common fishing equipment and working items you must have in the working item container include:

  1. reel
  2. line
  3. leader
  4. hook
  5. bait
  6. lure
  7. line cutter

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK is our pick for the best tool box or tool cabinet, due to the 17-inch space, large space inside, ability to carry power tools and durable side latches. It also has a comfortable design that can fit well for most items for construction purposes.