The Best RV Stove

When it comes to choosing the best stove for your RV, there are a large number of selections to choose from. How do you know which one is the best?

In this article, I’ll walk you through several of the most popular types of stoves, their pros and cons, and price points. Along with this, I will discuss how easy it is to add each one to your RV, while going over things to think about as well. Let’s begin.
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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Stove for Your RV

The key to choosing the right stove is being clear about your needs and wants.

Some things to consider before choosing a stove for your RV include:

  • Four burner stove VS smaller: While most stoves are a four burner option, you have to consider if this is right for you. If you may want more counter space, a two burner option, or a smaller stove might be better. If you have a lot of space in your RV, and plans on cooking a lot for more than two people, possibly the four burner will work for you. Material could be a factor if you want a stainless steel look or a standard hard plastic.
  • Type of refill: Will you want to take the time to install and use a propane tank? Or would you rather use an alcohol stove and occasionally refill that? Are you willing to spend time installing a propane tank, or would you prefer to occasionally refill an alcohol stove? What type of BTU are you looking for? Getting the right parts is needed.
  • What can you fit/how easy to add: This will be a big selling point based on the size of your RV. Measuring out your counter space and doing your research first will be required. Are you able to fit a range? Ranges often take up more space. Getting the right appliances for your size RV can be crucial for the results to be successful before installation. Also, how easy is it to add this product to your RV/camper?
  • Can you find replacement parts: Not a lot of people really think about this factor. What if something happens to your product? Can you find replacement parts? Once you find the part, can you properly add it or install it to your existing product? Finding a .com website to replace parts before you buy should be considered. One of the best websites around in

These are all categories of questions you must consider beforehand.

How do RV stoves work?

You want to make sure before picking out a RV stove, that you understand how they work, and what type of stoves may or may not be good to put in a RV or camper.

Most RV stoves are electric or use propane. A basic home like installation is required. However, many people still would like to know if they can add a wood option in a camper.

Whether you are looking for an RV or propane stoves for campers, or a range combination, there are a large amount of options for you. Here are a few more that you may want to add to your list.

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Empava 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Gas Stove Cooktop

Probably a top option for camper stoves, this option has front and rear burners that are premium quality. With a cast iron topping, the quality of a gas propane stove is much like a kitchen stove. The gas line hook up will make you feel right at home when cooking in your RV.

Ensuring you have a professionally installed gas line that will allow safety first, but also give you a high BTU and low risk of causing any damage will be crucial for the gas stove usage.

Some other great features are:

  • Cost effective: Propane gas is relatively inexpensive, and gives you the opportunity to refill instead of buying new gas all the time.
  • Nice looking and high powered: Style will definitely shine with this stove. This item has great power range with a Dual Ring 13000-BTU burner, a 11000-BTU burner, a double 6500-BTU burner and 4000-BTU burner.
  • Easy to use and easy cleanup: Much like a stove at home, the gas style is not much different, and allows users to easily maneuver around the RV kitchen. The cleanup is with a minimal wash, and the grates are machine washable in which you can add to your dishwasher.

The only real negative reviews that come with this option is that the regulator went out after a while, and had to be replaced. Overall, the quality and reviews put this option as a high star rating! RV users need to consider this buy. The customer service is available on call and the replacement parts are on the easier side to find for this option, and not hard to add to the product.

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Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner Built-In RV Cooktop Stove, Propane

One of the top options on the market with two burners, that is well priced and convenient to add to a small to mid sized RV.

The Flame King 2 burner stove is lightweight, and high powered. The propane cooktop kicks out a strong BTU, and it’s adjustable flame control allows for the user to keep the temperature range from low to high. The different range of heat allows you to quickly decide what burners to use. This item pumps out a strong BTU, and results are excellent!

With a cover that protects the item when not in use, it seems to be a good option for many users!

The only negative feedback is that the installation can be quite tricky, and the lid cover is not always lined up properly.

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REDCAMP Mini Alcohol Stove for Backpacking

Alcohol stoves are more commonly used for backpacking or sometimes boating, but they can also be hooked up outside of an RV.

The Redcamp Mini alcohol stove is a small item for a great low price. Some of the features that are attractive are:

  • Strong material: Aluminum and brass framing comes with this product, as well as a wind guard for those windy days.
  • Lightweight and good temperature control: A small compacted item, along with different easy to use controls for temperature make this a nice option. An extra rubber seal for leakage protection is provided with this option as well.
  • Efficient: A good once started can last up to 50 minutes, which will be plenty of time for cooking.

The only real negative reviews this item gets is that the alcohol portion is often too close to the burner, and the recommended distance is thus not appropriate.

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Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF 30″ Slide-In Gas Range

An option that might make you feel more at home, a gas range provides both an oven and a stove. Running on gas, a few of the features of this item include:

  • Four Sealed Burners: A great option that allows more protection while cooking on four units.
  • Good sized oven that self cleans: A self-cleaning oven isn’t just important at home, but also makes your RV life convenient when done using.
  • Quick preheat and auto shut off: This range doesn’t take long to heat up, and will do an auto shut off after a certain amount of time.

For the price, the item does have some negative review feedback that consumers warn about. The fan is very loud, and there is no in between with the heat on the stove, with the flame either being very high or very low. The fact that this comes with an oven option as well should put this at the top of your list for gas range purchases.

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Atwood | DOMESTIC Stove Range RV-1735 BS

With stove ranges seeming to be a very popular option for categories of a RV stove, I wanted to highlight a second option that comes from Atwood. Ranges provide you with an oven option, and the Atwood includes:

  • Three Burners: This has three burners, and a broiler setting that will add to the excitement in your cooking.
  • Stainless steel siding: A high quality product that has tough stainless steel sidings to add quality structure.
  • Easy to clean: This product and oven is easy to clean, with a simple spray solution, or rags cleaning up most of the mess.

This is a second RV stove range, with high quality parts that make your life easier. The only negative feedback is the range had damaged parts when sent. A quick add of the new part is relatively easy, and outside of this review, the Atwood is a great option for campers and RV users!

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Dometic MO0911CIS0000US Cooktop 2 Burner Sink Combo

A creative idea, with a combination of a sink and a cooking area, this can be tougher to find, but may be a good add for your RV or camper.

This item is sold through limited suppliers, but some of the best features are:

  • Compact design: A small, compact design allows you to use this as a smaller unit.
  • Stainless Steel and easy to use: Coming with a cover, the stainless steel quality is sure to be convenient for your small RV or camper.

The negative feedback on this item does include the difficulty of fitting the item, and a small drain does not seem to be good for most regular sized RVs. Results range on this item, and it may or may not work for you.

Wood Stove Reminders

Wood stoves are designed to look a little more fancy, and will work in an RV or camper. However, there are more precautions to consider when installing a wood option in an RV:

  • Make sure to have air ventilation: It is key to have an air option that is hooked up to an outside air source.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Making sure you have a carbon monoxide detector and it has batteries and is good to go.
  • Clearance: Check the manufacturers recommendations on space needed for a wood stove to make sure you have ample room.
  • Check pipes: If you move frequently, make sure to check your pipes to see that they are secure and airtight.

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Dickinson Marine 00-NEWSF Newport Solid Fuel Heater

This seems to be a good wood option for RV and camper users. With great reviews, and at a good price, some of the features that add to this product are:

  • Mounted heater with damp control: An easy to mount item, with control on any dampness, this product allows for easy usage. The BTU for this seems to be reasonably good, which ranges from a lower heat to a high end heat.
  • Stainless steel and clean: A great quality product, and is easy to clean and maintain cleanliness within your RV or camper.

Overall, this seems to be a great option, as long as you take the precautions listed above. The only real negative reviews are that some smoke could sneak out more than the user would like. But with this small issue, the option still may be a top notch option to consider.

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Ramblewood 4 Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop, EC4-70

A strong cooktop, this item comes in at a top quality rating, and is a good add for smaller spaces. The best features about this item include:

  • Strong burners and power levels: With a 7200 W and strong BTU output, this item packs some heat. Along with nine different power levels, it also comes with a timer function that ranges up to 99 minutes.
  • Glass surface dimension: While it has a good leveled size with four burners, the dimensions allow you to have plenty of room on your counter top.
  • Reliable and safe: Safety features include a heat surface warning along with a child safety lock. The 800 number is open 24/7 for your customer service needs.

For the price, it appears this could be a great add for many RV users. The only real negative reviews that are of concern are that a couple of people had some faulty burners. However, the overall reviews of this product are positive.

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Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition

Backpacking is a huge part of camping, and whether you are in an RV, camper, or backpacking, you often need something to cook with. This low cost canister option is highly rated and has these features:

  • High powered piezo ignition: This piezo ignition ranges up to a high powered 3500W for your cooking. The BTU on this little item really pumps out some power.
  • Stainless steel and copper: This item is strong, and allows the highest quality for appliances on the market.
  • Compact: It can be easily carried around and is easy to set up in front of the RV or while camping.

The results this canister provides are highly rated. The Piezo ignition really kicks up the heat. The only really negative reviews state that it sometimes leaks propane quickly. Outside of this, the strong burners, BTU, and compact design places this in the add category for small stoves.

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Coleman Gas Camper Stove | 2 Burner

If you are looking for a basic two burner RV stove that you can add outside your RV while not having to have the hassle of installation, this item comes from a top notch company and brings in slightly different categories into the mix for camping. The pricing is relatively low, and the features include:

  • High powered: This item can range up to 20,000 total BTU and has an adjustable two burner system that gives you high powered burners front and rear burners to do all your cooking.
  • Wind pressure blocker and a regulator: Windy days outside will not phase this item. The wind blockers on each side and around the stove allow wind to stay out while cooking. A regulator allows you to regulate pressure while cooking.
  • Long lasting cook time: With full powered energy, this ranges up to one hour per cook, giving you plenty of time to cook up a big meal. It is easy to draw a quick heat if you need to relight later on as well.

Overall, this is a simple item that works well outside of your RV. The only real negative reviews include the fact that it isn’t really in the RV appliances category, and that you want to check the propane area below the item before lighting it to ensure everything is connected properly. This is the ultimate camper cooking option, and can be used in an RV as well. Coleman is a very popular brand, and if you do need a replacement set of parts, they are quite easy to find.

With a wide variety range for your RV, there is bound to be an option to add for every type of user. The items we went over today can be used inside your camper, or outside when cooking, with each item giving you the feeling of home. What are some of your other favorite options for an RV cooking weekend? Please feel free to comment below.