Connecting Two Propane Tanks

Connecting Two Propane Tanks

by Michael (Chico, CA)

Question:I have a 10 gallon propane tank bolted under the frame of my motorhome and it isn’t large enough for fulltime RVing. It would be a major undertaking to replace it. I was wondering if I can attach two tanks together, to increase my capacity? I was thinking of using a removable BBQ tank and hooking them together with a propane-rated hose…only when parked, of course.

Answer: What you propose is a simple addition of a tee adapter fitting to allow you to operate two tanks. This is common practice for some RV’ers.

Mr Heater Stay a While Deluxe
Mr Heater Stay a While Deluxe

Amazon is your best bet for a tee adapter that will solve this problem for you easily. Caution: Please be aware that whenever you deal with propane there is always a danger of fire or explosion. Unless you are familiar and comfortable working with a fire or explosive hazard please leave this to a professional.

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Sep 22, 2015

RE connecting propane tanks

by: Ean

It is a quite common practice and I don’t see any issues with it. But yeah, do take care about it as you are dealing with propane here and it can be very dangerous. Unless you have any previous experience working with such substances, let the professionals do the job.

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