Dometic Air Conditioner

by Rex (Missouri)

Question: I can’t figure out where the condensation drain is for a Dometic Model 57915.351 Air Conditioner. Can you help?

Answer: We suspect the condensation drain is up on the roof, under the AC shroud. However, before you go up there looking for it, we suggest you call Dometic.

See this page for support contact information as well as links to operating manuals. We think your model is one of their Brisk Air Conditioning units.

Whenever we have a problem with an appliance or operating system in our RV, we first make good use of our operating manuals and schematics as a starting point for troubleshooting problems. We also contact the manufacturer of the component/system for assistance.

Time and again, we have had success with customer service/technical support personnel. They usually can point us in the right direction or provide direct assistance in diagnosing and resolving problems, You never know until you ask.