Draining Fresh Water Tank

by FDH (Garland, TX)

Question: I can’t find the water control panel on 2002 Coachmen Catalina 195 RK. I have read the owners manuals for Coachmen. They say to drain the freshwater tank by turning valves on the Water Control Panel. I don’t find a water control panel. Can anyone help??

Answer: We suggest you check for a drain valve in your plumbing bay. One other thought is that there may be drain hoses somewhere under the fresh water tank, usually near the plumbing bay. You could try looking at the end of the hoses and/or follow them up, you should be able to find the drain valve.

If you don’t have a diagram showing you where the Water Control Panel is, we suggest you contact Coachmen. We are also posting your question, in case someone can help.