Drivers License for Fulltime RVing

by John


Question: Hello, I have looked at Motor Homes, and would like to sell my home. But, without a permanent residence what do folks do about there drivers license, I mean needing to renew the license when you don’t have a residence to show as permanent. I was asked this question by a friend and it made me think and I don’t know.
And I think it would be the same issue with a registration. Can you give me some insight?

Answer: If you go truly fulltime, you do need to maintain/establish a legal address somewhere. It sounds like you have already considered factors such as state requirements for vehicle registration, inspection, drivers licenses, state income tax, other taxes – property, estate, etc., insurance costs, how you will take care of medical visits, mail forwarding, etc.

Our legal address and mail forwarding service is in South Dakota. We use a company called Dakota Post (previously called Alternative Resources).

Their address qualifies as a legal address, it has all been cleared with the county, etc. We call them every few weeks to forward our mail. They also took care of registering our car in SD, when we first made SD our legal address. And we made a trip to SD to get our drivers license. We only need to return every 5 years to renew it. We do our car registration renewal online.

Many of the states that fulltimers use as a home base have companies that do mail forwarding. And the post office may even have such a service now. The address we have with Dakota Post is a legal address.

FMCA and Escapees also do mail forwarding. Escapees is a club that caters to fulltimers, and many fulltime RVers make Texas their legal residence, so Escapees are definitely worth checking out. More on RV clubs at

In addition to Texas and SD, Florida is another popular choice. We think both Good Sam and Camping World have mail forwarding services in Florida, but don’t know if they qualify as legal addresses. Hope that helps.

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