Does RV Need to be Level

Question: Does it cause problems if the travel trailer is not level when the unit is parked and not in use?

Answer: We would make every effort to keep the RV level, to prevent any problems with the refrigerator. The one time we parked our RV for a few days in a slanted position, we had the refrigerator on propane and it did cause costly problems.

Perhaps it would not be an issue if the refrigerator was off, but we still tend to err on the side of prevention and keep a level position.

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Stabilizing your RV

Question: How do you stabilize your RV so that it doesn’t wiggle when you move around in it? And we’d appreciate any tips for manually leveling a fifth wheel.

Answer: If you have leveling jacks, they should help to level and stabilize your RV. If you have an air suspension leveling system, a little bit of wiggling is normal.

In either case, if the wiggling is excessive or bothersome to you, you can try lifting the RV and then resettling it on blocks under the frame to take the suspension travel out of the equation.

The mechanics will depend on the terrain, but a general rule of thumb is to level side to side first and then front to back.

May 18, 2015

Level RV

by: Anonymous

I believe the question as I read it was does it hurt an RV not to be level while not in use? It should not affect the systems if it is not perfectly level while not in use. If you plan to use your refrigerator? Then there could be issues. RV refrigerators are designed to work best when the RV is level but it wont cause any problems if it is not running while stored.

May 03, 2015


by: Anonymous

Is it ok to leave the leveling jacks run out for a long period of time ? For example, 1-3 yrs?