Electrical Outlets Have No Power

Electrical Outlets Have No Power

by Gary (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Question: I had shore electric on every outlet working properly and then unplugged electric and turned the generator on and had no power to electrical outlets. Any ideas?

Trying to diagnose an electrical problem remotely is difficult at best, but here are some things to check:
1 – Check generator circuit breaker(s) and reset if needed.
2 – Check GFI outlet and reset if needed after you turn on the generator. We sometimes have to do that to get the outlets to work.
3 – Recheck and reset (if needed) all your 120 Volt breakers in the main house panel after you turned on the generator.
4– Check for power leaving the generator.

If all of the above is OK and you still do not have power at the outlets then the problem may involve your power transfer switch. Trying to diagnose or fix one is a job best left to a qualified RV repair facility. However, if you feel handy and are very comfortable working with live power circuits, here is a link that might help: http://www.progressivedyn.com/troubleshooting_transfer_relay/. It shows how to diagnose power transfer switch problems. Your transfer switch my be different but the procedures should be the same.

Please let us know how things work out.

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