RV Noise Guide – Common RV Noises and RV Sounds

Hearing various RV noises and unsure of why? The following RV noise guide will help. 

Common RV Noises

Question: Rattling down the road … is it normal? We just bought a 2000 Dutchmen Express, extremely clean with 33,000 miles. We are new to RVing and just took out first trip (4 hour drive) on the interstate.

The whole time we felt like we were taxiing on the runway with the oven squeaking and various noises from who knows where. Is this normal? Is there a way to lessen the juggling or is this normal to RV life?

Some RV noise is to be expected, but you should be able to have a quieter ride than described. But you will have to eliminate the source of the noises as best you can. Obviously there are many parts and places where noises can develop in an RV. And since the vehicle is driven over roads that may not be in the best condition, it is normal to expect rattles to develop from time to time.

You will need to find the source of each one and a solution that works for your specific rig. For instance, our toaster oven would rattle when we drove. We now take out the wire shelf out, and also put a piece of cushioned foam (like thick shelf liner) underneath the unit to eliminate rattles from the oven door.

Sometimes are cabinet door will squeak – usually resolved by tightening a handle or reclosing it to ensure it is snug.

We had a squeak coming from the entry door. We narrowed it down to a rattle in the screen door and resolve it by putting some thick electrical tape around the frame.

To eliminate another noise, we tightened the screws that hold a soffit moulding at the top of our slide-out room.

These are examples of some noises that were mildly irritating, but resolved rather easily. For the most part, we don’t have much of a problem with noise.

Other input welcome.

Comment 1: Thank you for your feedback. I had no idea traveling in an RV was such an adjustment. We just went on our first camp out in the canyon and it was so nice not to have to set up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags, set up the cooking area, etc. and then take it all down the next day. The trade off is definitely worth it … At least for camping!

Comment 2:

I felt the same way when I first bought my van camper. I now take out my microwave carousel dish and also use a 1/2 inch round tension rod in front of the whole unit but inside the opening to prevent it from moving and making noise.

Once the rig is filled with your possessions it seems to make less noise. Though I found it is good to place things in storage cupboards like you are building a jigsaw puzzle. But things do crop up still. Using shelf lining where jars, bottles and cans are stored is a help too.

You’ll figure these things out as you go and learn from doing. Solving the problem is very satisfying. Have fun!