Getting Water to RV

by Arthur V. (hickmans hr.

Question: Hot water on Gulfstream RV. It is running very very slow – only a trickle. What is the probable issue?

Answer: Our best guess is that your hot water heater check valves have calcified over time and are causing the low water pressure at the faucets.

It may be difficult to replace them and identify where they are. Your best bet is to contact Gulfstream or look at your owners manual to find out where the check valves are in relation to the hot water heater.

We are very lucky that our manufacturer provided plumbing schematics that identify where all the components are – we hope yours did as well. If you cannot get the information you may have to take your rig to a qualified RV service center.

Other input welcome.

No Hot Water Getting to Faucets

Question: Hello. I just bought a 2001 Prowler 5th wheel and I cant get the hot water to my faucets! I have tried everything the bybass, the pump and changed the thermostat still nothing. The water is getting hot but for some reason it wont come out? Please help me…

Answer: Lets start by making sure that the hot water heater has not been bypassed. The best way to make sure of this is to open the pressure relief valve at the water heater. Be careful that you do not burn yourself if hot water starts to spurt out.

If hot water continues to come out, while keeping the pressure relief valve open, then you know that all the bypass valves are in the proper position and not bypassing the hot water heater.

If nothing comes out then somewhere there is a bypass valve that still needs to be set in the proper position to allow pressure to build up in the hot water tank or you might have a bad check valve somewhere between the hot water tank inlet and the faucets.

That’s our guess. Other input appreciated!!

Getting Water to Travel Trailer

Question: I have a travel trailer down at deer camp and I have a 125 gallon water tank with a On-Demand pump hooked up to go to trailer for water to the sinks and shower and toilet. It was working great, then now the pump is working but cant get any water to the faucets or to the water heater. But the hose is pressuring up on the outside of the hookup.

Answer: It sounds like the check valve on the city water connection in your trailer is the problem. It is probably stuck in the closed position and is preventing water from entering the faucets, water heater, etc. in the RV.

You may have to replace the check valve or the entire city water connection housing.

That’s our guess from what you have described. Other input welcome.

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Aug 29, 2013 Black Water tank
by: Anonymous

I have 2012 Palomino Travel trailer, and i found the grey water release valve. but i can’t find where the black water drain valve handle. And I was hoping someone could maybe tell me where it might be at if not on the side like the grey water tank.


Water Connection Check Valve

by Garry (Tualatin OR)

Question: 2004 Jazz has on demand water pump for use when not connected to city water. I filled the tank and started pump with all faucets open and a little water started trickling out… then a lot of water started coming out of the city hook up fitting on outside of RV. I suspect there is a check valve somewhere but the manual really doesn’t help at this level of troubleshooting. Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer: It definitely sounds like a bad check valve. They are typically located right behind the city water connection in your RV. You will need to remove the housing for the city water connection to get to the check valve. Sometimes the whole connection is one unit and you have to replace the entire city water connection. Other configurations may have a replaceable check valve.

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Aug 13, 2015 No hot water but plenty of cold
by: Anonymous

I think you are correct about the outside shower and mixing valve causing this problem.

Aug 11, 2015 No hot water, but plenty of cold
by: Anonymous

I have no hot water but only cold coming out of my tap. I have good flame and hot water out of relief valve but no hot water at tap. I do have an issue with outside shower that looks like the taps froze last winter. Could the mixing valve have screwed itself and backfilled the hot water line?