Heating a Stored RV

by Richard (Gallup, NM)

Question: Is it best to keep the interior of a stored RV warm (or cool) or allow it to cool and heat as ambient temperature changes?

Answer: Our opinion is that you could leave things subject to ambient temperature changes – without having to heat or cool the interior of the rig. Most people who store their RV, have it stored in a RV site, lot or storage facility without electricity and without running their furnace.

However, perhaps you are storing the rig in extreme hot or cold temperatures or somewhere with extreme swings in temperature. In this case, if you have the money and a place where you can store it at a constant interior temperature, go for it.

In any case, pull the shades and curtains to help moderate temperature. Also, moisture can accumulate inside your RV when it’s closed up for months. So set a container or two of Dri-Eze or Damp Rid or silica gel inside the RV to help with excess moisture.

Other suggestions and opinions are welcome.

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