Holding Tanks

Question: What do you suggest to use to clean your holding tanks and sensors?

Answer: For flushing the tanks, we have never used anything other than water from 2002 to 2012. We are considering having a professional cleaning done, just because it seems like a good idea after 10 years, not because we notice any problem.

In our experience, we haven’t found a need to use anything other than a tank treatment a few times a year of a good. We use RV-Trine Dry to maintain the digesting enzymes that break down the solids and toilet tissue. For the first couple years of our ownership of the RV we used RV-Tine Dry after everytime we dumped. This was to establish a good self renewing colony of digesting bacteria in the black tank. We have rarely used it in the grey water tank.

We believe that the main reason that our sensors are still functioning well and our tanks are clean after 10 years, is that we are scrupulous about flushing the tanks after each dump and we rarely ever leave our dump valves open.

By the way we are not necessarily recommending RV-Trine Dry over any of the other products on the market – it is just the only one with which we have experience.